Learn everything you need to know to overcome any difficult situation.


Learn everything you need to know to overcome any difficult situation.

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preparedness distractions

The Three Greatest Preparedness Distractions

By Brian Duff | August 22, 2017

Do you suffer from preparedness distractions? Whoa, wait, what do I mean, preparedness distractions? Do you not have enough time in the day to make significant progress in your preparations?   You’re Not Alone If you do suffer from preparedness distractions, don’t worry, you have the same frustration that many other preppers have. I too…

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PrepperMed – October 7 & 8 – Denver, Colorado

By Brian Duff | August 15, 2017

What is PrepperMed If you listened to podcast episodes M4S008 and M4S009, you’ll know the name Kevin Reiter and will have heard about his October 7th and 8th PrepperMed class in Colorado. Kevin is with and wilderness safety and first aid are his thing. Wilderness first aid, especially for those of you who have…

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The Best Preparedness Investment

By Brian Duff | August 8, 2017

Many people, especially those new to prepping, often wonder what the best preparedness investment is.When they ask, they often get When they ask, they often get a wide array of answers. Sometimes those answers are constructive. Sometimes they’re not so constructive. We have to understand though, that we all were new preppers at one point.…

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EDC for Air Travelers

Everyday Carry for Air Travel

By Brian Duff | August 1, 2017

When traveling by air within the US, you should consider following a tiered everyday carry for air travel strategy. The tiered approach uses a stepped strategy for determining what you carry as part of your EDC preparedness.   First Tier EDC The first, or base tier, includes everything you physically carry on yourself, in your pockets, etc.…

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Preparedness Insurance

By Brian Duff | July 25, 2017

We (Preppers) Have Preparedness Insurance As preppers, we all pay for preparedness insurance. We pay for our preparedness insurance every time we add to our preps. Planning, training and improving our supplies are all forms of preparedness insurance. They are not traditional insurance policies written by an insurance broker. Instead, they are physical, informational and…

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