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M4S017: Disaster Mindset with Sam Bradley Pt2

By Brian Duff | September 21, 2017

M4S Facebook Group member, Sam Cook, asked, “What is the number one low-cost thing people can do to prepare a better disaster mindset?” (This episode is the second half of a two part episode featuring Sam Bradley. The first half can be found here in episode 14.)   To answer Sam Cook’s question: Knowledge is…

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M4S016: The Preparedness Life with Rick Austin

By Brian Duff | September 14, 2017

How to Achieve a Preparedness Life The preparedness life entails more than just buying stuff. Must know how and why to use the things you buy. People need to use what they buy: Learn how to cook the food you want to eat. Know how to start a fire. Learn what works and doesn’t work.…

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M4S015: Chris Weatherman on Prepping

By Brian Duff | September 7, 2017

Prepping Romance vs. Reality Many people have a romance vs. reality view of prepping. Romance sounds great. However, reality sucks. Preparedness is fun to talk about and plan. Unfortunately, the reality of what we are planning for is anything but nice. If we have to put our worst-case scenarios plans into action, then we may…

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