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M4S028: Great Prepper Gift Ideas

By Brian Duff | December 7, 2017

Great Prepper Gift Ideas Do you ever wonder what to get for that readiness minded prepper? Maybe you’re not a prepper, or perhaps you’re shopping for the prepper who seems to have everything. If so, then this episode on prepper gift ideas is for you. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or “just because” this prepper…

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M4S027: Dog Training with Jill Powell

By Brian Duff | November 30, 2017

Why Are Dogs a Valuable and Integral Part of the Readiness Lifestyle? Dog training is important Dogs are already part of most peoples lives. Since dogs are probably a part of your life, why not train them to be a part of your security plan?   Why Should You Train Your Dog? Untrained dogs could…

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M4S026: Adopting a Dog with Jason Johnson

By Brian Duff | November 23, 2017

Why Adopting a Dog Is Better Than Buying? Adopting a dog is a great way to get a new pet. In addition to saving a dog’s life, you can often get a high-quality dog for little cost. What matters most is a dog’s drive and the innate ability it’s born with. When adopting from a breeder,…

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