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Mind4Survival-Winter Medicine

M4S025: Winter Medicine with Travis Hall

By Brian Duff | November 16, 2017

Why Should People Understand Winter Medicine and Its Impact? Winter weather is reality and so is the need to understand winter medicine concerns. People should embrace winter, prepare for it and take it seriously. When embracing it, learn how to adapt to winter and you’ll be better set for success.     “Winter medical is…

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Mind4Survival-Winter WeatherPreparedness

M4S024: Winter Weather Preparedness with Kyle Nelson

By Brian Duff | November 9, 2017

What is a Winter Storm? There is no one definition of what a winter storm is, but it’s important that people practice winter weather preparedness. Winter storms are very all-encompassing. The storms produce a variety of both winter and summertime types of hazards. Winter hazards include snow, sleet, hail and frigid temperatures. Summer hazards include…

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M4S023: Air Travel Preparedness with Steven C. Bird

By Brian Duff | November 2, 2017

Why is Having an Air Travel Preparedness Mindset Important? When traveling by air, you never know where you’ll end up because of unexpected diversions, etc. Therefore air travel preparedness is so important. Every flight has the potential to strand you somewhere you don’t intend to be. Just because you bought a ticket to Mexico, doesn’t…

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