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prepping mindset

M4S005: The Prepping Mindset with George Taylor

By Brian Duff | July 6, 2017

Prepping Mindset is Individual-Focused A basic prepping mindset begins with each of us as individuals. In order to become a solid prepper, we need to become more situationally aware. We should also work on improving our preparedness skill level and decision-making abilities. As you become more proficient with your prepping mindset and skills, you will…

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M4S004: Pre-Planning with Ted Runci

By Brian Duff | June 29, 2017

Pre-Planning Pre-planning is preparing yourself to plan. All plans need information and things sorted out to make them effective. Take time to figure out the information below. Doing so will help a lot when working on your plan.   Pre-Planning Steps Step 1: Make Time to Plan You need to set aside time to make…

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Emotional Self-Care

M4S003: Emotional Self-Care with Gina Cavallaro

By Brian Duff | June 27, 2017

Prepare Your Mind We prepare for stressful situations by planning logistically, strategically and tactically. We buy long term storage food and plan routes to safety. But, how often do we train and prepare our mind?   Don’t Forget Emotional Self-Care (ESC) is an often forgotten and neglected tool for your brain.   What is Emotional…

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