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Situational Awareness

M4S010: Situational Awareness with Chris Story

By Brian Duff | August 10, 2017

What is situational awareness? Situational awareness is being aware of your surroundings and understanding what is happening within your environment. If you only focus on what is within your bubble, you won’t be aware of what is going on around you.   Levels of Situational Awareness Situational awareness applies on multiple levels It applies everywhere…

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wilderness first aid

M4S009: Wilderness First Aid with Kevin Reiter

By Brian Duff | August 3, 2017

What is Wilderness First Aid? Wilderness first aid involves a mindset of self-confidence and belief you can do it.   Urban Medicine In urban settings, an ambulance can be at your house within minutes. The patient is turned over to a hospital staff, often in less than an hour from the time of injury, or…

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Grid Down Medicine

M4S008: Grid Down Medicine with Travis Hall

By Brian Duff | July 27, 2017

Grid Down Medicine – Sanitation, Cleanliness and Disease Control Number one medical concern is sanitation and cleanliness. Hand and arm washing Food preparation Clean facilities/area Sanitized restroom area If people and areas aren’t kept clean, people will get sick and hurt your ability to deal with other problems. People are going to get dirty. Regardless…

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