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Fat Rope Stick


Fat Rope Stick | Prepper Gear Review There are many “things” in this world nowadays, which includes Fat Rope Stick. Technology and other modern conveniences don’t do much for our core as human beings. There are only a handful of things that we need to survive and maintain life. You don’t need modern technology, fancy…

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Survival Slingshot

Lastly… Never forget, you’re just one prep away. If you have any other thoughts or questions about severe storms, please leave a comment below. Stay safe, secure and prepared, Thanks for reading severe storms! To carry on the discussion and ask questions: Leave a note in the comments below. Share Mind4Survival on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Leave a voice message by clicking on the “Record a Voice Message” tab over on the right side of your screen. To help out Mind4Survival: Subscribe on iTunes or through your preferred podcasting app. Leave an honest rating or review on iTunes. They help and make a difference. Like the Mind4Survival Facebook page.

Are you looking for a zombie-slaying, deer killing, defensive weapon system? If you are, the Survival Slingshot might be a total solution for you! Their motto “Bring a tool, not a toy!” is a strong statement when it comes to survival. However, does it bring enough to the table to be trusted in a survival…

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The Three Greatest Preparedness Distractions

Mind4Survival-The Three Greatest Preparedness Distractions

Do you suffer from preparedness distractions? Whoa, wait, what do I mean, preparedness distractions? Do you not have enough time in the day to make significant progress in your preparations?   You’re Not Alone If you do suffer from preparedness distractions, don’t worry, you have the same frustration that many other preppers have. I too…

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The Best Preparedness Investment

Mind4Survival-The Best Preparedness Investment

Many people, especially those new to prepping, often wonder what the best preparedness investment is.  When they ask, they often get a wide array of answers. Sometimes those answers are constructive. But, sometimes their responses are not helpful. We have to understand though, that we all were new preppers at one point. Yes, every one of…

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How to Make Your Family Safer

Mind4Survival-How to Make Your Family Safer

How to Make Your Family Safer Have you wondered how to make your family safer in this constantly changing world? The 24-hour news cycle and the internet bombard you almost non-stop with troubling stories. Your children see and hear things you would never have imagined at their age. Does what they see and hear as…

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