How to Survive a Tsunami | Guide & Tips (2023)

Tsunami Warning sign at beach

The threat of tsunamis is real. As the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, also known as the Boxing Day Tsunami, shows, if you live near or plan on visiting the beach, you should be prepared to act in the event of a tsunami. When facing a tsunami, or any disaster, the first step is to arm…

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12 Barter Skills for Preppers

Bartering skills will be very important when SHTF

We’ve talked about items to store for trade when the SHTF, but only briefly touched on important barter skills. The great thing about using our skills as currency is that we have a never-ending ability to continue making transactions. What Kind of Barter Skills Are Worthwhile? Many different skills can be used for barter but…

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158: The Instructor with Tim T.R. Hendricks

T.R. Hendricks book, "The Instructor" set on a desk

Tim T.R. Hendricks is here to discuss his experiences as a tank platoon leader, turned intel officer, turned security professional, and everything that led to his new book, The Instructor, which is available now for pre-order on Amazon. In this episode, Tim opens up about his tumultuous experiences during and following the Iraq war, along…

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Meat Storage for When There Is No Freezer

A slab of beef jerky

Between grocery store inflation and a big media push for regular people to eat less meat, many concerned citizens are looking to shore up their food supplies, particularly natural sources of protein. More people than ever are starting their own backyard flocks of meat birds, but this isn’t practical for everyone. Neither is moving out…

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The Best Army Poncho Liner | Woobie Guide & Review (2023)

Poncho Liner on forest floor

One of the best pieces of kit for anyone who wants to stay comfortable and warm outdoors is the versatile army poncho liner. The ‘cho liner was a staple of my time in the military and one of the first items on every Ranger’s packing list. It was such a great piece of equipment that…

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157: Building Your Circle of Trust with the Roaming Prepper

A group of friends holding hands

In this episode with Pete, host of The Roaming Prepper YouTube channel, we discuss what to look for when considering bringing someone into your circle of trust. Adding people to your inner circle can have great upsides and significant downsides for your personal life, job, etc. Therefore, any search for or potential addition to your…

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Two is One, One is None (Situational Redundancy)

If you’ve read any survival magazine, listened to any preparedness podcast, or watched any readiness-focused YouTube channel, you’re sure to have heard the two is one, and one is none mantra repeated time and time again. And, while on the surface, it’s a solid mindset to have when considering your preparedness, it’s more in-depth than…

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5 Reasons Gardening is Good For You

Lady holding a young plant, ready for planting.

My house is covered in almost a foot of snow, but in a few more weeks, I’ll be starting my first seeds for this year’s garden. Yes, it is that time already. And if you’re looking for ways to improve your life in 2023, here are five reasons to think about starting to grow some…

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156: Control What You Can Control with Trent McMurray

Control what you can control written on note pad

Trent of the Vision Preparedness YouTube channel is here to discuss his video “You can only control what you can control.” Seems obvious, right? Yes, and it’s something I know I’m not always good at—and as a prepper, should be. Trent learned that lesson watching people struggle during Hurricane Katrina. And those struggles, combined with…

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**Best Survival Books** (My Personal Survival Book Reviews)

Survival Books

Since you’re here, you’re like me and searching for the best survival books to add to your survival and preparedness knowledge library. And, if you’re like me, you’re searching for something other than fake and lame reviews. If you’re searching for a good review of survival books, you’ve come to the right place because all…

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