146: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Police drone flying

When people think of the term ‘artificial intelligence,’ or AI, they tend to get stuck on the notion of a super-human robot akin to what we see in Will Smith’s I, Robot. But, the fact is that artificial intelligence is already all around you. There is a distinct difference between superintelligence and artificial intelligence, which…

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Bug-Out Bags for College Students

Send your student to college with a custom bug out bag

When my youngest child went off to college in Boston in 2017, I packed him a pretty standard student bug-out bag and hoped he would remember to grab it in an emergency.  I hadn’t given it much thought beyond grabbing one of each of the bug-out bag essentials. I verbally told him what was in…

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Home Preparedness

Are you ready for disaster? Time to practice your skills!

Training preparedness at home is an effective and accessible way to develop resiliency, self-reliance, and many other skills that can be useful in case of disasters, emergencies, and events that may knock the grid down. Mind4Survival gets it covered with some ideas to increase your homestead preparation level. I’ve always been a big proponent of…

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145: Prepping for People With Disabilities

Wheel Chair at Pit

I was asked about my thoughts on prepping for people with disabilities. And after thinking about it, I believe that prepping can always be approached from the same foundational way. By following my simple system of preparedness, a person will be able to effectively assess their situation, create a preparedness plan, and begin leveling up…

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What is a Burner Phone? Best Definition, Why, and How-To FAQ

Burner Phone

Are you wondering what burner phones are? Well, wonder no more because this article will cover the what, why, and how of burner phones. I have over a decade of experience using burner phones overseas when using burner phones mattered. Have you ever had a hostile foreign intelligence agent tell you “they’re watching you”? I…

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What is SHTF? Examples, Meaning & Best Survival Tips (2022)

Mind4Survival's in-depth interview with Selco Begovic, SHTF survivor.

Many people have preconceived ideas about what is SHTF that are based on fantasy, lack of experience, and misconceptions. And, it’s those misconceptions, if not prepared for and corrected, that will lead to their struggle, suffering, and in many cases, death when the shit hits the fan. Fortunately for everyone, there are survivors alive today…

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7 Best Reasons – Why be a Prepper in 2022

Prepared written on chalkboard

As preppers, we prepare for opportunities. Yes, we prepare for hard times; many see that as Doom and Gloom. After all, it’s not like the show “Doomsday Preppers” has the most cheerful name. While we’ve accepted the label, it’s never-the-less a label that was stapled to us by biased media in the early 2000s. Unfortunately,…

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143: Thirdworldization of the U.S. and the Stages of a Collapse

Brazilian guest author Fabian Ommar discusses the Thirdworldization of the USA

I’ve been writing about Thirdworldization since the 2008 financial crisis. It is the process where the structures that support the system in developed nations become inefficient, crippled, and society decadent and belligerent. In this article, I talk about the dynamics of Thirdworldization, the intermediary stages of collapse, SHTF misconceptions – and how these things interconnect.…

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SHTF Meaning: What is SHTF & Why Preparing for SHTF Matters

SHTF in Block Letters

The SHTF meaning is the stuff of nightmares: a sudden and complete breakdown of society as we know it: no electricity, running water, food, or medical supplies. Crime and violence are running rampant, and millions of people are fighting for survival. This is the stuff of movies and television shows, but is it possible? As…

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How Long Can You Go Without Water?

Dehydrated person

Do you know how long you can go without water? Water issues sit at the top of preppers’ minds, right next to food. Understandably so, given the importance and also the urgency of hydration for survival in short, mid, and long terms. Even though the basics of water acquisition, transportation, storage, and treatment are well…

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