Everything you need to know to avoid becoming dehydrated

Dehydration Facts: Everything You Need to Know

Dehydration Facts: What is Dehydration? One of the most important dehydration facts is that it is a state in which your body has water and fluid imbalance. Dehydration happens for many reasons but ultimately occurs…

Learn how to avoid pfishing email scams

M4S 076: How Does Phishing Work? How to Identify a Scam

Have you ever gotten an email, and you weren’t sure whether it was real or a scam? Maybe you’ve heard about the scams to get people’s passwords and wondered, “How does phishing work?” Do you…

What you need to keep with you to get home safely in an emergency

What’s in Your Get Home Bag?

An essential part of preparedness that is often neglected is the get home bag. Unlike a bug-out bag, your get home bag (also known as an escape and evasion bag) is generally kept in your…

An honest review of how "Prepper Camp" went from a newbie prepper

Prepper Camp: A Review by a Preparedness Newbie

By E.R.  I’m a planner. Below you will find my checklist for Prepper Camp 2018-Orchard Lake Campground. I do this for all of my organized trips. Planning for events like Prepper Camp isn’t something that…

Stay informed with customized news updates using Google keyword alerts

How to Stay Informed with Google Keywords Alerts

  Hey Survivors, this post is to help you stay informed with Google keywords alerts. When you do stay informed with Google keywords alerts, you’ll find yourself less likely to be taken by surprise and…

Preparing for a severe storm

Are You Prepared for a Severe Storm?

Whether or not you live in an area prone to severe storms, it is crucial to prepare for the worst. A severe storm can be devastating, causing injury and significant property damage. Unfortunately, several recent…

Best practices for preppers to increase their long term food storage

SHTF Food Storage Tips for Building a Stockpile

How’s your stockpile looking? These SHTF food storage tips will help you get ready for disasters, large and small. By Tony | PrepSurvivalGuide.com As we saw in March of 2020, when an emergency is announced, the…

How to purify drinking water

How to Purify Water for Drinking

Do you know how to purify water for drinking? Having enough fresh, pure water to meet our daily consumption needs is a part of everyday life. Unfortunately, most of us tend to take it for…

Guide for determining how much water to drink per day

How Much Water Do You Have to Drink a Day?

  How much water do you have to drink a day to stay hydrated, healthy, and able to perform at the top of your game? In the developed world, we tend to take clean, potable…

Keeping your feet warm, dry, and comfortable is essential

Seven Benefits of Waterproof Footwear in an Emergency

By Chris Jones | KeepDryFeet.com When you’re in a disaster situation, you’ve got a lot to think about. You’re assessing the situation, you’re reacting to it, and you’re grabbing the right gear. The last thing…

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What’s in Your Get Home Bag?

What you need to keep with you to get home safely in an emergency
An essential part of preparedness that is often neglected is the get home bag. ...
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M4S 056: Bug Out Bag Packing List – The Top 10 Items to Have

Top ten items you should have in your bug-out-bag
One discussion that often heats a prepper conversation is what you should be on ...
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M4S 078: What Does Safety Third Mean?

What does safety third mean? It means your safety should be your priority.
What would you say if I asked you, "What does safety third mean?" After ...
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