Situational awareness and pre-planning go a long way toward event safety.

Event Safety: How to Be Safe at Concerts and Sporting Events

Some preppers seem to think that going to crowded events like concerts, theaters, and sporting events is totally antithetical to living a prepared lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to be if you have an event…

Prepper investments include more than just money

What Are the Best Prepper Investments You Can Make?

Many people, especially those new to prepping, often wonder what the best prepper investments are? When they ask, they often get a wide array of answers. Sometimes those answers are constructive, but other times their…

With a little planning, you can stay prepared, even when traveling by air

Everyday Carry On Kits for Air Travel

Since your normal EDC won’t work for air travel, you’ll need to make some adaptations to create an everyday carry on kit that won’t get you tackled by the TSA. When traveling by air within…

Tips for keeping your family safe

A Safe Family: Tips for Protecting Your Loved Ones

How to Help Keep Your Family Safe Having a safe family in this constantly changing world can be a challenge and a worry. The 24-hour news cycle and the internet bombard you almost non-stop with…

Mind4Survival-The Gray Man

Invisibility: How to Be a Gray Man

How to be a gray man describes a way of dressing and acting to not draw attention to oneself. The goal of the gray man is to go unnoticed by blending into the environment by…

What you need to know about preparing for civil unrest in America

Preparing for Civil Unrest in America: Caught Up in a Riot

Did you ever think that people outside of major metropolitan areas would have to worry about preparing for civil unrest in America? There’s been a clear uptick in protests, riots, unrest, and outright battles in…

Step by step guide on how to start prepping

How to Start Prepping Step by Step

How to Start Prepping One of the most common questions I get asked is how to start prepping. It is an important question because disaster can strike anywhere and at any time. And the answer…

Lessons learned from the world's worst disasters

The World’s 7 Deadliest Examples of Disasters

Either by accident or by the whim of Mother Nature, human history is filled with examples of disasters. These are the 7 deadliest examples of disasters in the world. Within the history of the worst…

Be prepared, even on a shoestring budget

Prepping on a Shoestring Budget Really IS Possible

  Many people believe that prepping on a shoestring budget is impossible. They have the misconception that preparedness requires a lot of money. Because of this misunderstanding, some choose not to prepare at all. After…

Summer is coming! Be prepared with these summer safety tips.

Summer Safety Tips for Adults to Avoid Accidents and Injury

Every year, there are dozens of articles about slathering your children with sunscreen, keeping them hydrated, and supervising their summertime activities. But what about some summer safety tips for adults? After all, grown-ups like to…

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