Recognize, treat, and prevent signs of heat illness

What Is Heat Illness? How to Prevent, Identify, and Treat It

What is Heat Illness or Heat Casualty The military calls people who suffer from heat illness “heat casualties.”  As a military heat casualty, I know firsthand the seriousness heat illness poses to everyone. With summertime…

Having a self-defense mindset can help you survive or prevent being targeted for attack

Do You Have a Self Defense Mindset? Here’s How to Develop It

A self defense mindset starts with realizing and accepting the fact that you could experience a violent encounter. This can happen regardless of how many courses you’ve taken, how many precautions you’ve worked into your…

Help everyone in the family be ready for emergencies by having a plan that everyone knows

Disaster Preparedness at Home: Get Ready Together

Today, let’s talk about disaster preparedness at home. Many businesses and government agencies already have disaster preparedness plans, but the readiness shouldn’t stop there. Disaster preparedness for families doesn’t require rocket science. What it does…

Tips for teaching your child about preparedness

Teach Children How to Face a Disaster Without Scaring Them

Do you know how to teach children how to face a disaster without scaring them? Just like their parents, children are often scared of the unknown or unfamiliar.  Because of their fear, it’s essential that…

Five of the best tips for everyday situational awareness

5 Situational Awareness Tips to Help You Become More Alert

Being more alert to your surroundings is not difficult with these simple situational awareness tips.  It can also be a fun and reassuring process that leaves you more confident and ready to deal with all…

The five fundamental tips for Securing Your Home are Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay, and Defend.

Five Fundamental Tips for Securing Your Home

This article covers the five fundamental tips for securing your home.  Why is Securing Your Home Important Your home is your castle. It’s the place where you and your family should feel safe from the…

Reasons why preppers prep

Why Do Preppers Prep? Because You May Be the Only One Who Is

So, Why Do Preppers Prep? A lot of folks wonder, “Why do preppers prep?” After all, the city, state, and federal governments will help us, right?  Maybe our neighbors will help us, right? Sure, our…

Preparedness encompasses considering many aspects of your daily life and habits

What Is Preparedness? The Mind4Survival Philosophy

What is preparedness? It is almost the diametric opposite of the path of least resistance. It means thinking about the bad things that can happen and taking steps to prevent or mitigate the possibilities. Have…

Learn about the OODA Loop to increase your situational awareness

The OODA Loop Situational Awareness Philosophy

OODA Loop? Is it cheese? No, it’s not cheese. The OODA Loop situational awareness philosophy is the brainchild of Colonel John Boyd, who was a U.S. Air Force Pilot and military thinker. It stands for…

Knowing what situational awareness is can help you spot potential dangers

What is Situational Awareness? Stay Alert and Stay Alive!

What is situational awareness in terms of your day-to-day life? Have you ever noticed that some people seem to know what’s going to happen before it does?  Are they psychic?  No, most likely not.  While…

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