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M4S 119: Prepping Basics with George Taylor

Are you interested in preparedness but unsure where to start? In this article and episode, ...
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How to Start Prepping: Prepping for Beginners

A lot of people wonder how to start prepping. And, as any experienced prepper will ...
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M4S 117: What is Preparedness?

What is preparedness? What are the goals of preparedness? How does preparedness apply to individuals, ...
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Here are ten survival skills all female preppers should know

10 Skills Female Preppers Should Have That Aren’t About Food

The niches of prepping and survival sometimes seem like a man's world, what with all ...
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M4S 115: How to Start Prepping for SHTF with What You Already Have

by Pete Orndorff So you think you should learn how to start prepping for SHTF ...
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M4S 114: Perspective for Preppers

For preppers, one of the most overlooked elements of preparedness is perspective. We tend to ...
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Prepper life is adaptable to fit every person's lifestyle

Living the Prepper Life: It’s Not All Beans and Bunkers

Living the prepper life isn't all about beans, bullets, and bunkers, as sensationalist shows like ...
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Ask yourself these questions to decide if it is time to bug out

Is It Time to Bug Out? How to Know When to Go

We've talked on this website about making the decision whether to Get Out Of Dodge ...
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Survival prepping for normal people. It's not as unusual as you may think!

Survival Prepping for Normal People – 12 Tip Guide

Contrary to what Google may show in its data-driven search results, you don't have to ...
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Survival and prepping is individual to every person

Survival and Prepping: There’s NOT Just One Way to Prep

When you think of survival and prepping, what is the image in your mind? Are ...
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hypocrisy poisoning preparing for survival

Whose Business Is It If People Are Preparing for Survival?

I have a question for my fellow preppers. Whose business is it if we are ...
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A butterfly at sunset

The Lost Art of Paying Close Attention to Your Situation

The art of paying close attention to your situation may be going extinct. That's because, ...
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