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Frayed rope pulling on the word stress

161: How to Manage Stress and Anxiety in Preparedness

Managing stress and anxiety is an important preparedness topic that is often overlooked. It's ignored ...
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Cubes that spel out the word RISK

Risk Management – Made Easy and Understandable! (2023)

I received a question from a longtime friend of the show, Sheri Martin. Sheri asked: ...
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Here are the prepper skills you need to know before SHTF

The Top 10 Prepper Skills to PRACTICE Before You Need Them

Lots of people talk about the skills they plan to use when an emergency strikes. ...
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Nature Reliance Featured Image

159: Nature Reliance with Craig Caudill

Craig Caudill of Nature Reliance School is here to discuss a host of topics on ...
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A group of friends holding hands

157: Building Your Circle of Trust with the Roaming Prepper

In this episode with Pete, host of The Roaming Prepper YouTube channel, we discuss what ...
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Two is One, One is None (Situational Redundancy)

If you've read any survival magazine, listened to any preparedness podcast, or watched any readiness-focused ...
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Control what you can control written on note pad

156: Control What You Can Control with Trent McMurray

Trent of the Vision Preparedness YouTube channel is here to discuss his video “You can ...
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5 Golden Rules of Preparedness

154: The Five Golden Rules of Preparedness with Casey Telger

Casey Telger of PreparednessHive.com and I discuss Casey’s Five Golden Rules of Preparedness in this ...
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A middle-aged man, in a blue shirt, in shock, because a riot is approaching.

How to Be a Prepper? 11 Simple Steps

Being a prepper is one of the most important things you can do to prepare ...
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No cell phones sign

Reducing Surveillance Signatures: Begin with the Cell Phone

Good Day, Readers! In this article, we'll cover some methods to lower the amount of ...
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Jim Cobb and BRian Duff discuss Realistic Prepping

151: Realistic Prepping with Jim Cobb

In this episode, Jim Cobb (Real World Prepping) and I discuss Realistic Prepping and Jim's ...
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post holiday mindset

Mindset: Post-Holiday Positivity

As the glimmer and fun of the holiday season come to an end, the nights ...
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