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Preparing for a violent future

How to Prepare for a Violent Future

I don't like to make predictions, but I have gone out on a limb a ...
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1859 Carrington Event

The Carrington Event: The Solar Storm That Smashed the Earth

The Carrington Event was a powerful solar storm that smashed into the earth in 1859. ...
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How long until artificial intelligence is too smart for its own good?

How Do You Contain an Artificial Intelligence?

Virtually all artificial intelligence theorists agree: it’s only a matter of time until a superintelligent, ...
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Police drone flying

146: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

When people think of the term ‘artificial intelligence,’ or AI, they tend to get stuck ...
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Brazilian guest author Fabian Ommar discusses the Thirdworldization of the USA

143: Thirdworldization of the U.S. and the Stages of a Collapse

I’ve been writing about Thirdworldization since the 2008 financial crisis. It is the process where ...
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prepping for single moms

#142: Single Moms, Record Inflation, Global Unrest & Populism

In this episode, I discuss a listener question about preparedness for single moms, record inflation, ...
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Survival Quotes

7 Best Survival Quotes to Motivate and Keep You Going!

For the preparedness-minded, survival quotes provide a great lesson and reminder about the importance of ...
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Turn the news off when it becomes stressful

Sometimes You Just Need to Turn the News Off

  With the advent of the internet, we're hit with a constant barrage of "news" ...
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The Mind4Survival podcast on convincing someone to prep

How to Help Non-Preppers to Prepare

How you ever wondered what you can do about helping non-preppers  to prepare? We are ...
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solar maximum

What Is Solar Maximum, and Why Should I Care?

Are you prepared for the solar maximum? The solar maximum is a time during the ...
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Some advice on what to do if you're caught in a riot

What to Do if You’re Caught in a Riot

It doesn't really matter where you're at these days. The world is a tinderbox. One ...
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what if they're wrong title with alien

What if They’re Wrong Featuring Jeremiah Dorph

In this week's episode, I speak with Jeremiah Dorph of the "What if They're Wrong" ...
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