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A Robot Thinking

Robots You Are Going to See Much More Of In The Future

The history of robotics proves that science fiction authors are never far off the mark. ...
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Preparedness apps on phone

10 Best Emergency Preparedness Apps for Everyday Life

In celebration of National App Day, I've put together a handful of emergency preparedness apps ...
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No cell phones sign

Reducing Surveillance Signatures: Begin with the Cell Phone

Good Day, Readers! In this article, we'll cover some methods to lower the amount of ...
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Transhumanism: Wearing a Robot

Transhumanism? Famed transhumanist Ray Kurzweil has repeatedly written about the incoming Singularity – the time ...
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How to Prepare for Rolling Blackouts

How To Prepare For Rolling Blackouts

For most Americans, rolling blackouts were always things that happened to other people in faraway ...
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Robot with machine gun

5 Times Robots Threatened and Hurt People

One of the most overlooked potential threats to humankind is that of a malevolent AI ...
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CRISPR Technology: What Preppers Need to Know

A prepper must stay abreast of the current technology in the world lest he falls ...
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1859 Carrington Event

The Carrington Event of 1859 (A Once in 500 Year Solar Storm)

The Carrington Event was a powerful solar storm that smashed into the earth in 1859. ...
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How long until artificial intelligence is too smart for its own good?

How Do You Contain an Artificial Intelligence?

Virtually all artificial intelligence theorists agree: it’s only a matter of time until a superintelligent, ...
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Police drone flying

146: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

When people think of the term ‘artificial intelligence,’ or AI, they tend to get stuck ...
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Burner Phone

What is a Burner Phone? Best Definition, Why, and How-To FAQ

Are you wondering what burner phones are? Well, wonder no more because this article will ...
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Solar generator and RV

7 Best Solar Generators for Off-Grid Living (2022)

Are you looking for a way to be sustainable off the grid? Knowing the best ...
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