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1859 Carrington Event

The Carrington Event: The Solar Storm That Smashed the Earth

The Carrington Event was a powerful solar storm that smashed into the earth in 1859. ...
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How long until artificial intelligence is too smart for its own good?

How Do You Contain an Artificial Intelligence?

Virtually all artificial intelligence theorists agree: it’s only a matter of time until a superintelligent, ...
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Police drone flying

146: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

When people think of the term ‘artificial intelligence,’ or AI, they tend to get stuck ...
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Burner Phone

What is a Burner Phone? Best Definition, Why, and How-To FAQ

Are you wondering what burner phones are? Well, wonder no more because this article will ...
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Solar generator and RV

7 Best Solar Generators for Off-Grid Living (2022)

Are you looking for a way to be sustainable off the grid? Knowing the best ...
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solar maximum

What Is Solar Maximum, and Why Should I Care?

Are you prepared for the solar maximum? The solar maximum is a time during the ...
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Bad Tech and Hard Times

Mindset Monday: Bad Tech & Hard Times

More and more, bad tech and hard times seem to be going hand in hand. ...
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Spotting a drone at night is difficult, but definitely not impossible

7 Ways: How to Spot a Drone at Night (2022)

Having the ability to detect drones is becoming more critical than ever. And knowing how ...
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11 Best Tips for How to Protect Yourself Online!

Are you concerned with how to protect yourself online? If you are, you're not alone! ...
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Here are the best hand crank flashlights for your emergency kit

7 Best Hand Crank Flashlights for Emergencies (2022)

Are you in the market for a reliable hand-crank flashlight that doesn't fail you when ...
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Best Survival Podcasts

The 31 Best Survival Podcasts – Summer 2022 Update!

The world feels like it’s going insane, and we are all looking for any bit ...
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Learn important tips to avoid online shopping scams

M4S 081: Safe Online Shopping Tips to Avoid Scams

    These safe online shopping tips can help you to avoid scams. Online shopping ...
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