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Dehydrated person

How Long Can You Go Without Water?

Do you know how long you can go without water? Water issues sit at the ...
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Mind4Survival explores the best foods to stockpile

Best Foods to Stockpile for an Emergency Food Supply (2022)

  Are you ready to prepare for increasing food shortages and insecurity by knowing the ...
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Mind4Survival talks with Jim Gray from Food Forest Abundance

Food Forest Abundance: Self-Reliance & Success with Jim Gale

In a world where the population is constantly growing, finding more effective ways to produce ...
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Mind4Survival reviews the best dehydrators

The Best Dehydrator – 15 Best Dehydrator Reviews (2022)

Are you looking for the best dehydrators as a way to stretch your food dollar ...
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How to open a can without a can opener

7 Best Ways How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener

You're hungry. You're tired. It's late, and all you can scrounge up from the back ...
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Edible landscaping is a wonderful way to maximize your food security.

Edible Landscaping: Food Hidden in Plain Sight

Edible landscaping, similar to permaculture, is taking off in a big way. Whether you're trying ...
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Stainless steel freeze dryer

Best Freeze Dryer for Sale – 7 Buying Tips – What to Know!

We all know that freeze-drying is the best way to preserve food, but it can ...
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bug out bag food image

25 Best Bug Out Bag Food Items for Survival & Emergencies

When you're loading up your backpack, you want to be sure that you fill it ...
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Make better choices with natural disaster food instead of highly processed food to eat healthier during an emergency.

Natural Disaster Food: Eat Healthy During an Emergency

Many people have special diets and have an interest in natural disaster food. If that's ...
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Afghanistan Update featured image

M4S 118: Afghanistan Evacuations Update & Prepping Your Own Food and Water

In this episode, my good friend and retired Special Forces officer Ed Clark updates us ...
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How to sanitize water containers for long term storage

Sanitizing Water Containers: Here’s How to Do It

Your stored water is only as clean and pure as the container holding it. To ...
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Putting back 2 weeks of food is a great start for a new prepper's stockpile.

2 Weeks of Food: How to Start a Stockpile for New Preppers

When you first start prepping, you probably hear people talking about their "one-year food supply" ...
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