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Make better choices with natural disaster food instead of highly processed food to eat healthier during an emergency.

Natural Disaster Food: Eat Healthy During an Emergency

Many people have special diets and have an interest in natural disaster food. If that's ...
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M4S 118: Afghanistan Evacuations Update & Prepping Your Own Food and Water

In this episode, my good friend and retired Special Forces officer Ed Clark updates us ...
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How to sanitize water containers for long term storage

Sanitizing Water Containers: Here’s How to Do It

Your stored water is only as clean and pure as the container holding it. To ...
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Putting back 2 weeks of food is a great start for a new prepper's stockpile.

2 Weeks of Food: How to Start a Stockpile for New Preppers

When you first start prepping, you probably hear people talking about their "one-year food supply" ...
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Do-It-Yourself water storage is an inexpensive way to increase your supply.

Easy DIY Water Storage for Frugal Preppers

  Prepping can cost a lot of money, but one part doesn't have to: WATER.  ...
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How to store emergency food for the long-term

How to Store Emergency Food for the Longest Shelf Life

So you've done it. You've stocked up on all sorts of food and built your ...
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Many conditions determine how long stored water will last

How Long Does Stored Water Last? It Depends.

How long does stored water last? That's a common question in the prepper world for ...
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Calculate how much water you will need each day to survive

M4S 080: Calculating Your Daily Water Consumption Needs

Today's question about daily water consumption comes to us from Jason in VA.  Jason writes: ...
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Don't overlook long term water storage!

M4S 077: Long Term Water Storage for Emergencies

Long term water storage isn't a glamorous topic. It's sure not as interesting as debates ...
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Best practices for preppers to increase their long term food storage

SHTF Food Storage Tips for Building a Stockpile

How's your stockpile looking? These SHTF food storage tips will help you get ready for ...
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How to purify drinking water

How to Purify Water for Drinking

Do you know how to purify water for drinking? Having enough fresh, pure water to ...
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