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SPAM vs Peanut Butter

If You Had to Choose, Would It Be Peanut Butter or SPAM?

As you strive to build up your food storage system, you'll realize that you need ...
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Homemade prepper gifts for the non-preppers in your life

Homemade Prepper Gifts for the Non-Prepper in Your Life

Do you want to give a unique and valuable present to someone you love, but ...
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What to do with an excess harvest

What To Do With Your Excess Harvest

As the days darken, many of us are harvesting the last of our garden produce ...
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Optics Planet is it Legit

OpticsPlanet: Is Optics Planet Legit? (My Personal Experience)

A question I've heard and repeatedly read over the past several years is, "Is Optics ...
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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife: Review & Guide (2022) 

Since I was a kid, I've always loved my Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. They are ...
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Modular Military Sleep System FI

Best Military Sleep System: Sleeping Bag Facts & Info (2022)

The Military Sleep System, also known as the Military Modular Sleep System (MSS), is a ...
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Drawer of medical supplies

Prepping for Healthcare Shortages

Health care is “the organized provision of medical care to individuals or a community.” It ...
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Kamik Boots

Kamik Boots: Review of My Winter Boots (2022)

Kamik boots are fabulous winter boots! I enjoy sliding my feet into them when heading ...
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Layer Clothes for Three Layers

Layering Clothes: How to Layer Clothes to Stay Warm and Dry

Layering clothes is an essential concept for preparedness. Whether it be just a casual hike, ...
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Silvasorb Ionic Silver Gel

Silvasorb Gel – Why I Use Silver Antimicrobial Wound Gel (2022)

Silvasorb Gel is a powerful and innovative wound gel that uses ionic silver technology to ...
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Wound care supplies

12 Best Wound Care Supplies (Survival Medical Kit)

I consider wound care supplies an integral part of your home's survival medical kit. And ...
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Mushrooms on Blue Log

World Mushroom Day Is October 15 – Are You Ready to Celebrate?

The oldest evidence of human mushroom consumption comes from the Red Lady, a 19,000-year-old skeleton ...
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