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To be ready for any type of emergency, whether it's hunkering down, bugging out, or the common cold, you should keep these prepper OTC meds on hand.

Prepper Medical Supplies: OTC Meds

To be ready for any emergency, whether it's hunkering down, bugging out, or the dreaded ...
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Essential outdoor survival gear for SHTF

SHTF Survival Gear: The Essential Gear to Survive SHTF

The reality is, we’re probably going to discover we’re not as prepared as we thought ...
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survival axe

Best Survival Axe! 11 Best Survival Axes & Hatchets (2022)

When things go sideways, and you're out in the middle of nowhere, you'll need a ...
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What cheap prepping supplies are out there? And what is not worth skimping on?

When to Get Cheap Prepping Supplies (…And When to Splurge)

Some people will tell you never to get cheap prepping supplies and always get the ...
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What are the basic survival prepping supplies everyone should have on hand?

Start Here: What Survival Prepping Supplies Do You Need?

When you're just getting started, you should focus first on the most important survival prepping ...
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BioLite Stove Review

Read This BioLite Stove Review Before You Make a Purchase

By Greg Chabot Recently, during the COVID-19 panic, I re-evaluated some of my preparations. As ...
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Tips from a paramedic on the proper use of disposable nitrile examination gloves

M4S 098: 8 Tips for Wearing Disposable Nitrile Examination Gloves

As a long-time paramedic, wearing disposable nitrile examination gloves is an essential part of my ...
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Review of the Fat Rope Stick

Does the Fat Rope Fire Stick Really Work in Wet Conditions?

Fat Rope Fire Stick | Prepper Gear Review There are many “things” in this world ...
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Survival Slingshot Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Are you looking for a zombie-slaying, deer-killing, defensive weapon system? If you are, the Survival ...
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Common items invented during World War 1

M4S 074: Inventions of World War 1 That Influenced the World

  Have you ever looked at an item that you use almost daily and wondered ...
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What you need to keep with you to get home safely in an emergency

What’s in Your Get Home Bag?

An essential part of preparedness that is often neglected is the get home bag. Unlike ...
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Top ten items you should have in your bug-out-bag

M4S 056: Bug Out Bag Packing List – The Top 10 Items to Have

One discussion that often heats a prepper conversation is what you should be on your ...
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