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Personal with wounded face in front of destroyed building

155: Wound Care with Lisa Goodwin

In this episode, Lisa Goodwin (a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in nursing ...
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Portable Medical Kit Diagnostics Gear

My Diagnostic Medical Kit (A Paramedic’s Personal Gear)

As an experienced remote paramedic, I've assembled what I feel is a well-rounded, very effective ...
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Mental Fortitude

Mental Fortitude: 7 Steps to Develop Mental Toughness

Mental fortitude is a necessary part of life for anyone intent on facing and successfully ...
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Drawer of medical supplies

Prepping for Healthcare Shortages

Health care is “the organized provision of medical care to individuals or a community.” It ...
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Silvasorb Ionic Silver Gel

Silvasorb Gel – Why I Use Silver Antimicrobial Wound Gel (2022)

Silvasorb Gel is a powerful and innovative wound gel that uses ionic silver technology to ...
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Wound care supplies

12 Best Wound Care Supplies (Survival Medical Kit)

I consider wound care supplies an integral part of your home's survival medical kit. And ...
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Butterfly bandage over cut above eye

Butterfly Bandage: The What and How of Butterfly Stitches

We all get cuts from time to time, and while not all cuts require sutures, ...
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Turn the news off when it becomes stressful

Sometimes You Just Need to Turn the News Off

  With the advent of the internet, we're hit with a constant barrage of "news" ...
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Learn pediatric infection basics in case the doctor is unavailable

SHTF Pediatric Infection Basics

Every parent knows the fear of, well, being a parent. During catastrophic life events, our ...
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Learn about the easiest medicinal plants to grow in your garden

What Are the 10 Easiest Medicinal Plants to Grow?

What could be better than having medicine as close as your backyard? That dream could ...
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A medical trauma kit could make the difference between life and death

What to Keep in Your Trauma Medical Kit

Do you carry a trauma medical kit in case of an accident or a mass ...
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Brian Duff discusses PTSD on the Mind4Survival podcast

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (My PTSD Battle)

As preppers or as preparedness-minded people, we are readying ourselves for the worst SHTF scenarios. ...
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