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Learn pediatric infection basics in case the doctor is unavailable

SHTF Pediatric Infection Basics

Every parent knows the fear of, well, being a parent. During catastrophic life events, our ...
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Learn about the easiest medicinal plants to grow in your garden

What Are the 10 Easiest Medicinal Plants to Grow?

What could be better than having medicine as close as your backyard? That dream could ...
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A medical trauma kit could make the difference between life and death

What to Keep in Your Trauma Medical Kit

Do you carry a trauma medical kit in case of an accident or a mass ...
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Brian Duff discusses PTSD on the Mind4Survival podcast

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (My PTSD Battle)

As preppers or as preparedness-minded people, we are readying ourselves for the worst SHTF scenarios. ...
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Podcast interview with Glen Tate and Shelby Gallagher about facing death and the will to live.

Facing Death with Glen Tate & Shelby Gallagher

By now, we all know someone who has had COVID. Most of us know someone ...
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Make better choices with natural disaster food instead of highly processed food to eat healthier during an emergency.

Natural Disaster Food: Eat Healthy During an Emergency

Many people have special diets and have an interest in natural disaster food. If that's ...
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Learn to identify, prevent, and treat heat illness

M4S 106: How to Prevent Heat Illness

Knowing how to prevent heat illness can do more than save you in the short ...
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Tips for customizing the Daily Routine that is best for YOU!

M4S 099: How to Create Your Best Daily Routine

Creating your own best daily routine is incredibly helpful in finding more free time to ...
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Everything you need to know to avoid becoming dehydrated

Dehydration Facts: Everything You Need to Know

Dehydration Facts: What is Dehydration? One of the most important dehydration facts is that it ...
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Guide for determining how much water to drink per day

How Much Water Do You Have to Drink a Day?

  How much water do you have to drink a day to stay hydrated, healthy, ...
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Some basic knowledge and preparations are the keys to surviving cold weather scenarios.

M4S 025: Preparing for Cold Weather and Winter Health Risks

Preparing for cold weather comes with its own set of challenges. It means getting ready ...
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Wilderness First Aid knowledge is an essential skill for preppers.

M4S 009: What Is Wilderness First Aid?

What is Wilderness First Aid? You may know regular first aid, but what is wilderness ...
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