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Well prepared hikers can minimize risks

M4S 063: Six Safe Hiking Tips to Enjoy the Outdoors More

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, these safe hiking tips can help ...
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Plan and rehearse for an active shooter encounter

M4S 038: Preparing for an Active Shooter Event

Unfortunately, active shooter-related events are a part of our modern world and are on the ...
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Whether in the woods or the city, these tips will help you keep yourself safe

M4S 029: Personal Safety and Security Tips

Personal safety and security tips are essential. People must understand that tragedy can befall anyone. ...
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Learn why air travel preparedness is so important

M4S 023: 7 Air Travel Preparedness Tips for Preppers

Why is having an air travel preparedness mindset important? When traveling by air, you never ...
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Situational awareness and pre-planning go a long way toward event safety.

Event Safety: How to Be Safe at Concerts and Sporting Events

Some preppers seem to think that going to crowded events like concerts, theaters, and sporting ...
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Owning a gun is not enough. Attending firearms training is absolutely essential.

M4S 011: Civilian Firearms Training and Mastering the Basics

The most important thing you can do when you decide to purchase a gun is ...
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With a little planning, you can stay prepared, even when traveling by air

Everyday Carry On Kits for Air Travel

Since your normal EDC won't work for air travel, you'll need to make some adaptations ...
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Actionable advice for when you think you're being watched

M4S 007: Counter Surveillance Measures Everyone Should Use

What Are Counter Surveillance Measures? Counter surveillance measures (also called surveillance detection) are attempts to ...
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Mind4Survival-The Gray Man

Invisibility: How to Be a Gray Man

How to be a gray man describes a way of dressing and acting to not ...
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Having a self-defense mindset can help you survive or prevent being targeted for attack

Do You Have a Self Defense Mindset? Here’s How to Develop It

A self defense mindset starts with realizing and accepting the fact that you could experience ...
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