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Mind4Survival-Personal Security

M4S029: Personal Security

By Brian Duff | December 14, 2017

Personal security is an essential topic for people to understand because tragedy can befall anyone. Therefore, it is up to each of us to enhance our personal security posture as much as possible. In so doing, we will be less likely to experience problems as in the case of Kevin Hamby of Lancing, TN. While…

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Mind4Survival-Great Prepper Gift Ideas

M4S028: Great Prepper Gift Ideas

By Brian Duff | December 7, 2017

Do you have great prepper gift ideas? Do you ever wonder what to get for that readiness minded prepper? Maybe you’re not a prepper, or perhaps you’re shopping for the prepper who seems to have everything. If so, then this episode on prepper gift ideas is for you. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or “just…

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Mind4Survival-Dog Training

M4S027: Dog Training with Jill Powell

By Brian Duff | November 30, 2017

Why are dogs a valuable and integral part of the readiness lifestyle? Dog training is important Dogs are already part of most peoples lives. Since dogs are probably a part of your life, why not train them to be a part of your security plan?   Why Should You Train Your Dog? Untrained dogs could…

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Mind4Survival-Adopting a Dog

M4S026: Adopting a Dog with Jason Johnson

By Brian Duff | November 23, 2017

Why adopting a dog is Better than buying? Adopting a dog is a great way to get a new pet. In addition to saving a dog’s life, you can often get a high-quality dog for little cost. What matters most is a dog’s drive and the innate ability it’s born with. When adopting from a breeder,…

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Mind4Survival-Winter Medicine

M4S025: Winter Medicine with Travis Hall

By Brian Duff | November 16, 2017

Why should people understand winter medicine and its impact? Winter weather is reality and so is the need to understand winter medicine concerns. People should embrace winter, prepare for it and take it seriously. When embracing it, learn how to adapt to winter, and you’ll be better set for success. “Winter medical is all about…

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