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Heating your home with wood takes more effort and knowledge than you may realize

Heating with Wood: Emergency Home Heating for Beginners

So, you plan on heating with wood as a backup to your oil furnace, electric ...
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Learn how to fortify your home for a SHTF event

M4S 116: How to Fortify Your Home Against an SHTF Event

So, our modern times have you wondering how to fortify your home for an SHTF ...
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Here are the things to consider for your winter emergency kit

What Should Preppers Have in Their Winter Emergency Kit?

The wind is howling, the snow is blowing, the weather is frigid, and suddenly, the ...
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What's the best weapon for prepper home defense?

What’s the Best Weapon for Prepper Home Defense?

A topic that is up for constant debate in the preparedness world is, "What is ...
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Here is what you should do after a hurricane

What Should You Do AFTER a Hurricane?

The internet is filled with advice about what to do in preparation for a hurricane. ...
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Emergency essentials car kits include things like food, water, and first aid items.

What’s In YOUR Emergency Essentials Car Kit?

  Are you prepared to spend the night in your car or head off on a ...
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Tips for driving in a winter storm

15 Essential Winter Safety Driving Tips

Whether you’ve lived in Colorado your whole life or you live in a desert environment, ...
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What is a home invasion? Our definition may be different than you think!

M4S 068: What Is a Home Invasion?

To best understand how to prevent them, you need to answer the question, "What IS ...
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Preparing for a severe storm

Are You Prepared for a Severe Storm?

Whether or not you live in an area prone to severe storms, it is crucial ...
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Summer provides many opportunities for survival training

M4S 048: Summer Preparedness Activities for Fun and Survival

  Woo-hoo, summer is almost about here, and so is the need for summer preparedness!  ...
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Are you prepared for winter weather?

M4S 024: Winter Preparedness – Are You Ready for the Season?

  Nearly everyone experiences winter to some level. Even those who live in warm climates ...
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Weather preparedness is about more than just storms

M4S 013: Weather Preparedness Is About More Than Storms

Weather preparedness includes a whole lot more than just watching the forecasters on the evening ...
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