Beginner-Preppers_Top-10-Survival-Items_Mind4SurvivalWell, whether you’re a new or experienced Prepper, this episode is for you. In this episode, we’re going to go over the ten basic items every prepper should have on hand. Actually, as preppers, I imagine most of us would say these are the Top 10 Survival Items EVERYONE should have on hand in the event of a disaster.

Now, why are these items important? Well, their important because they are supplies that needed to cover a wide variety of disaster and emergency situations, regardless of what the specific disaster is. Many of these items are so universal to common sense everyday preparedness, that they’re what I often packed first when deploying to many of the not so nice places that I’ve spent time working around the globe.

In this episode, we’re going to go over the top ten items that everyone should keep on hand in the event of a disaster or emergency. If you have these items stored away, then you should be set to weather most everything that is thrown at you. These items establish a solid foundation to begin prepping from. So, whether you are new to prepping, or experienced and want to point other in the right direction, this is a great show for you.

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Top 10 Survival Items

  1. Best LED Flashlight possible

    1. Doesn’t need to be expensive
    2. Two is one, one is none
    3. No longer the early days of LEDs
  2. First Aid Kit |Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) | Blow Out Kit

    1. Make your own vs. Store Bought
    2. Self-built kits offer the best option to focus your kit on your specific needs.
    3. Store-bought kits are often generic and not necessarily designed for your specific situation.
    4. Adam Rodis recently had a great post in the Mind4Survival Facebook group showing the first aid kit that he put together, which is a really solid kit. If you aren’t a member, go join the Mind4Survival FB group and check out his post. I think you’ll like it.
    5. First Aid Kits / Medical Items can be costly and they expire.
  3. Shelter (Keep you out of the elements)

    1. Tent | Tarp | Cordage
    2. Sleeping bag
    3. Wool Blankets
  4. Multi-Tool

    1. Gerber / Whatever.
  5. Radio

    1. Red cross hand crank / solar weather radio
  6. Fire

    1. At least two ways to start a fire
      1. Lighters
        1. Barbeque lighters are great. Hold more fluid
        2. Packs of the smaller Bic type lighters can be picked up fairly cheap
      2. Waterproof method of starting a fire
        1. Ferro Rod
        2. Flint and Steel, etc.
      3.  Matches.
        1. Lightweight
        2. Easy to waterproof
        3. Small and storable.
  1. Water

    1. You can stockpile cases of bottled water
    2. Buy various water storage containers and store water on hand.
    3. Make sure that you either treat your water or change it out when needed.
      1. Do not just store it and forget it.
    4. At least two methods of purifying water. There are 5-ways to purify water:
      1. Distillation
      2. Boiling
      3. Filtration
      4. Chemical Treatment
      5. Pasteurization
  1. Defensive Items

    1. Knife
    2. Firearms
    3. Something to help defend yourself, your family and others if needed.
  2. Food

    1. Starter list for food storage 5-20 Rule
      1. 20lb bag of rice (white rice lasts longer)
      2. 20lb bag of dried beans
      3. 20 cans of canned fruit
      4. 20 cans of canned vegetables
      5. 20 cans of various canned meat (Spam, Tuna, Chicken, Fish)
      6. Expand from there
  1. Batteries 50/25 Rule

    1. 50 of more common batteries such as AA, AAA
    2. 25 of less common batteries such as 9v, C, D
    3. You need as many battery types as you have devices that use different types of batteries.
    4. Batteries last 5 to 10 years depending on storage.
    5. Consider good rechargeable batteries.
    6. Batteries aren’t cheap, so look for good batteries on sale, or buy in bulk from discount stores, etc.


Alright, everyone, that’s a wrap for episode 52. If you have some additional items that you think should be included in this list, please go to and post your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the show notes.

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