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Mind4Survival empowers people to become more confident, resilient, and safe so that they can face any crisis, minimize unwanted struggles, and live their best possible lives.

Brian Duff, Founder

I'm Brian Duff, the founder of Mind4Survival.

My lifelong preparedness journey began on the eve of my third birthday when the 1971 6.6-magnitude San Fernando Earthquake rocked my family's Southern California home.

As an adult, I've spent decades working around the globe—protecting others in some of the most dangerous areas imaginable.

Through those experiences, I learned from some of the best, survived some of the worst, and, in so doing, developed my Mind4Survival philosophy.

My philosophy emphasizes building confidence through increased knowledge and a positive mindset—reducing anxiety, fear, and worry.

The Mind4Survival approach focuses on empowering individuals to take proactive steps to ensure their safety and that of their loved ones, with the ultimate goal of living their best possible life, regardless of the situation.

Brian's Experience & Qualifications

  • Founder of Mind4Survival in 2016
  • As a Los Angeles Lifeguard, I saved my first life at 16 years old
  • Responded to 1000s of emergency calls as a firefighter and paramedic
  • Served as Special Operations team leader with the Army Rangers
  • Operated medical clinics in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan
  • Provided high-threat diplomatic protection in Iraq and Pakistan
  • Worked with a team of advisors to a rebel army in Africa
  • Managed the security force at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad
  • Led a $1B+ international security program
  • Directed a nationally recognized tactical medicine training company
  • Bachelor's Degree in Security Management
  • Master of Business Administration (Information Technology Management)
  • Dozens of preparedness-related certifications

About Mind4Survival

Mind4Survival offers a comprehensive collection of articles, guides, and reviews designed to simplify emergency and disaster preparedness for everyone. The platform is supported by a team of writers from various sectors of the preparedness community, providing diverse perspectives and expertise.

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