Are you someone who wonders what is going on in our crazy world?

Do our crazy times with around-the-clock news coverage of divisive politics, a questionable economy, disturbing crimes, threats of terrorism and natural disasters ever cause you to worry?

If so, do you want to feel safer, more secure, and better prepared? But if you do take steps to prepare, are you concerned that you will be labeled as crazy or as an alarmist?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. A lot of people feel just like you!

Fortunately for you, I can help!

Hi, I'm Brian Duff, a former Army Ranger, paramedic, firefighter, high-threat security specialist and international security director. I'm your go-to guy for all things security, safety and preparedness-related, and I teach strategies on how to stay safe and survive any situation–literally any!

I’ve spent decades overcoming and surviving difficult situations around the world and helping countless others do the same.

Now, I’ve made it my mission to pass on my experience, training, and education to others so they are better prepared to face life’s difficult challenges head on.

Similar to a professor who helps students unlock their inner potential, I help people just like you understand and expand their inner Mind4Survival.

More about Brian...

I’m a native Southern California surfer kid, now East Coast transplant by way of Georgia (thank you, U.S. Army), with a decade-plus long detour overseas to places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and elsewhere. I’m also a proud veteran, lifelong student and part owner of the Green Bay Packers. GO PACK, GO!

I love getting out into the woods, hiking, fishing, and generally seeing what’s around the next bend. I am also OCD when it comes to cleaning and keeping things just right. Then again, is there really anything wrong with vacuuming at 3:30 in the morning? It’s either that or watching reruns of The Walking Dead.

In the end, I enjoy life, appreciate all it has to offer and know that I am truly a fortunate person.


The Official Bio...

Brian Duff is the go to resource for concerned people who want to improve their safety, security and preparedness. He is a proud former Army Ranger, Paramedic, Firefighter, High Threat Security Specialist and International Security Director who has served and protected people around the globe for decades.

When he’s not working to help others, he can be found in the garage, tinkering away, out on the hiking trail, or meeting up with friends and occasionally trying to find the end of the Internet.  Make the choice, take a look at Brian’s virtual home, Mind4Survival.com and set yourself up to overcome and survive any difficult situation.

Brian Duff



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