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Essential outdoor survival gear for SHTF

Here’s the Essential SHTF Survival Gear You Need

The reality is, we’re probably going to discover we're not as prepared as we thought when SHTF (Shit ...
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Modern Monetary Theory Explained (1)

What is Modern Monetary Theory

Many people are asking, "What is Modern Monetary Theory?" In short, Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is the most ...
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Nashville Bombing: Should We Expect Warzone Tactics at Home?

While many people are waking to a traditional Christmas morning of gift-giving, holiday cheer, and having a rare, ...
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BioLite Stove Review

Read This BioLite Stove Review Before You Make a Purchase

By Greg Chabot Recently, during the COVID-19 panic, I re-evaluated some of my preparations. As I did, I ...
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2020’s Distractions to Your Safety, Security, and Preparedness

Whew, it's August, and 2020 is providing just as many nutty distractions from our preparedness now as it ...
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Are You Prepared for What’s Next?

***Hard Love and Bummer Post Alert!*** I feel that it's safe to state that life for most of ...
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M4S 113: How to Spot Fake News

One of the critical abilities needed to master today's world is the capacity to spot fake news. Knowing ...
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Lessons from the Mt. St. Helens eruption

M4S 112: Lessons from the Mount St Helens Volcano Eruption

May 18, 1980, is a day that many Pacific Northwesterners will never forget - it was the day ...
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Be prepared for complex disaster situations

M4S 109: Disaster Situations Aren’t Always Isolated Events

Let's talk about some stuff that does it make people feel very comfortable - disaster situations. Every area ...
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We Should All Be Preppers is a definite and in this episode we're going to discuss the Atlantic article, "We Should All Be Preppers," by Bradley Garrett. Come along and see what he got right and what may be a little off-target. 

M4S 108: The Atlantic Says “We Should All Be Preppers”

In this episode, we're going to discuss the Atlantic article, "We Should All Be Preppers," by Bradley Garrett. ...
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Should you prep for SHTF alone or with a group?

M4S 107: Prepping Groups or Going It Alone – Which Is Best?

Prepping groups or going it alone? That's always a raging debate in the preparedness world, much like the ...
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Procrastination is the enemy of preparedness

M4S 105: Overcoming Procrastination to Get Things Done

  Is there something you've been wanting to do and have been putting it off? In this episode ...
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Five great prepping quotes from Ben Franklin

M4S 104: Ben Franklin’s Best Prepper Quotes

  Founding Father Ben Franklin was sharing prepper quotes well before anyone ever thought of a term like ...
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