The Best and Worst Home Defense Firearms

What is the best firearm for home defense?

You know how in the movies, a few would-be burglars break into the protagonist’s house, only for him to turn into John Rambo, pull out his assault rifle, and take them out without breaking a sweat? That won’t happen in real life. Not only because close-quarters combat is much more complex than it seems but…

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How to Prepare For a Major Storm (And What To Do If You Haven’t)

How to prepare for a major storm, and what to do if you haven't

A massive storm just ravaged my county and destroyed almost everything in its wake. With winds reaching speeds of 120 MPH, it ripped trees and concrete electrical poles out of the ground, swinging them around like Play-Doh. Entire roofs were found hundreds of yards from their houses. My house wasn’t too damaged, but with four…

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