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M4S021: Prepping on a Budget with Jane Austin


Why is Prepping on a Budget Important? Prepping on a budget is important because it helps you focus on the basics. By properly setting up your preparedness budget, you are better able to focus on prepping needs. This will help you become better prepared with attention being paid to water, shelter, food, security, etc. When…

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M4S020: Gold and Silver with Craig Hill


Preferred Purchase Pricing with Hill and Vaughn Precious Metals? If you are interested in purchasing gold or silver, contact Craig at Hill and Vaughn Precious Metals. When you do, mention the code: Mind4Survival 2017 and you’ll receive discounted pricing. The Facts About Gold and Silver Gold and silver have long been known to be great…

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M4S019: On Prepping with Glen Tate and Shelby Gallagher


On Prepping, How Can Preppers Lose Society’s Stigma? Ongoing disasters and violence such as the hurricanes, violence, etc. show the need for people to always work on prepping. More and more positive prepper spin in the media may slowly bring prepping into a less negative light. Series like Alone and others are showing people the…

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How to be Safe at a Concert


With the recent events in Las Vegas, several people asked what are my thoughts on how to be safe at a concert. So, in order to get information out to as many people as possible, I decided to write this blog post and this free Crowd Safe Mindset downloadable guide. My hope is that it helps others…

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M4S018: Beginning to Prepare with Dale & Lisa Goodwin

Mind4Survival-SP-Beginning to Prepare

What Stops People from Beginning to Prepare? People often fail when beginning to prepare because they don’t know where to begin. Often, people don’t know where to begin due to information overload.  Others are intimidated because other people seem so much more advanced. Putting off beginning to prepare until tomorrow is an easy path. After…

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M4S017: Disaster Mindset with Sam Bradley Pt2


M4S Facebook Group member, Sam Cook, asked, “What is the number one low-cost thing people can do to prepare a better disaster mindset?” (This episode is the second half of a two part episode featuring Sam Bradley. The first half can be found here in episode 14.)   To answer Sam Cook’s question: Knowledge is…

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M4S016: The Preparedness Life with Rick Austin


How to Achieve a Preparedness Life The preparedness life entails more than just buying stuff. Must know how and why to use the things you buy. People need to use what they buy: Learn how to cook the food you want to eat. Know how to start a fire. Learn what works and doesn’t work.…

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M4S015: Chris Weatherman on Prepping


Prepping Romance vs. Reality Many people have a romance vs. reality view of prepping. Romance sounds great. However, reality sucks. Preparedness is fun to talk about and plan. Unfortunately, the reality of what we are planning for is anything but nice. If we have to put our worst-case scenarios plans into action, then we may…

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M4S014: Disaster Mindset with Sam Bradley Pt1

Disaster Mindset-Mind4Survival

Mentally Prepare Your Disaster Mindset (Note: This episode is the first half of a two part episode featuring Sam Bradley. The second half can be found here in episode 17.) How do you mentally prepare your disaster mindset for dealing with difficult situations? Educate and train yourself ahead of time, so you know what to do.…

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M4S013: Weather Preparedness with Kyle Nelson

Weather Preparedness

Weather Preparedness Weather preparedness includes the understanding of weather and natural events such as CME’s and how they affect your preparations. Real prepping requires an understanding of everything that may impact your preps. So, listen to this weather preparedness podcast episode and read these show notes. If you do, you’ll be better prepared to overcome…

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