M4S 103: Lessons from the Scofield Coal Mine Disaster

The Scofield Coal Mine Disaster

Let’s reach back in history, going all the way back to talk about the Scofield Coal Mine Disaster, which occurred on May 1st of 1900 in Utah. One of the greatest parts about being a prepper today is the ability to look back in history at previous disasters to see what happened and what went wrong.…

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M4S 102: Why This Critical Message Was a Sign of Success!


I literally received the best message I’ve ever gotten on Facebook. I don’t think the person that sent it to me understood why.  Here’s what I received.  “As much as I believe you have great credentials to speak on a lot of subjects related to survival, I just cannot get on board with your seeming…

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M4S 101: An End to Social Distancing After the First Wave

an end to social distancing

While society may be opening back up soon, the coronavirus will still be around. So have you thought about how you’re going to go about your day so that you don’t risk infecting yourself or the people you most care about? In this episode on Social Distancing, we talk about: Why I feel that society…

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M4S 100: Top 10 Predictions for Life After May 1st, 2020


Have you given much thought to what life after May 1st might look like? Well, if you haven’t, I have. And I’m here to share my top 10 possible predictions for what life after May 1st may look like for all of us. Top 10 Predictions for Life After May 1st, 2020 (Possibly) Top 10…

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M4S 099: How to Create Your Best Daily Routine

Tips for customizing the Daily Routine that is best for YOU!

Creating your own best daily routine is incredibly helpful in finding more free time to do the things you LIKE to do. Daily routines also help increase your confidence and overall satisfaction with yourself and your day. Establishing the best daily routine for you can be accomplished in four easy steps: Finding Your Motivation Deciding…

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M4S 098: 8 Tips for Wearing Disposable Nitrile Examination Gloves

Tips from a paramedic on the proper use of disposable nitrile examination gloves

As a long-time paramedic, wearing disposable nitrile examination gloves is an essential part of my Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and has been since 1987-1988. That is when, in my experience, EMS agencies in Southern California began “allowing” people to wear gloves in response to the HIV-AIDS epidemic.  Before that, EMTs and Paramedics often got bloody…

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M4S 097: Common Humanity and Survival


Common Humanity In today’s episode, I discuss this post from the Mind4Survival Facebook group:                       To help shed some light on this, I ask us all to consider two things, the common humanity of the situation. What is the other person, or persons experiencing? Does…

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M4S 096: Coronavirus and Healthcare Workers

coronavirus-and-healthcare-workers (1)

Coronavirus and Healthcare Workers In today’s episode, I discuss: I speak with Lisa (Budget Equestrian) and Dale Goodwin (Survivalist Prepper) about their lives, Lisa a healthcare worker during the coronavirus and Dale, her husband. I also speak about the last fundamental of preparedness, SELF   SHOW NOTES COMING SOON!   Lastly… Never forget, you’re just one prep…

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M4S 095: What Does Trust Mean When It Comes to Preparedness?

What does trust mean in the prepper community?

What Does Trust Mean When It Relates to Preparedness? Trust is both earned and given, and it is an integral part of how we approach the world and our interactions. That is especially true during times of crisis. Because it is so essential, in this episode, I break down and define the levels of trust we…

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Check Out This Round-Up of 7 Pandemic Podcasts

Mind4Survival Podcast Weekly Roundup

Hey there! I want to welcome you all back. I wish the timing had been better and I wish we weren’t going through a bunch of mess right now.  What you’re going to hear moving forward is that I’m coming back out with the podcast. It should be out pretty much daily. I hope you take…

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