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Episode 70: Personal Risk Assessment

mind4survival-personal risk assessment--prepper-prepping-preparedness-survival-situational-awareness

Often one of the first steps to becoming more safe and secure includes performing a personal risk assessment, which consists of a home risk assessment and sets the stage for managing your risk. The truth is that at some point, many of us have had it with leaving the protection of ourselves and our families…

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Episode 69: Thinking Like a Criminal

Thinking Like a Criminal-survival-prepper-preparedness-survivalist-prepared

The reality is that once you begin thinking like a criminal, you’ll be better prepared to stop a criminal. The lesson of thinking like a criminal took hold with me during my time providing diplomatic security in places such as Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewhere. When I say diplomats, I am speaking about protecting everyone for…

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Stay Informed with Google Alerts

stay informed with google alerts

Hey Survivors, this post is to help you stay informed with google alerts. When you do stay informed with google alerts, you’ll find yourself more knowledgeable and ready to face the problems of the world. In this video, I’m going to show you how to set up Google Alerts so that you can stay informed…

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Episode 68: What is a Home Invasion?

What is a Home Invasion (Home Invasion Statistics) prepper prepping preparedness situational awareness survival

Knowing what is a home invasion is crucial when working to prevent them. That’s because home invasions target you, your home and your family, and as the home invasion statistics are a constant danger. It’s a fact that criminals target good people. However, due to a variety of reasons, many of us don’t always take…

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Episode 66: Hurricane Preparedness (Surviving a Storm)

Hurricane Preparedness (Surviving a Storm)

With the East Coast getting ready to be hit by Hurricane Florence, I’m going to discuss the three phases of hurricane preparedness, which also applies to any major storm. So, with hurricane season upon us and the winter fast approaching, this episode will help kick-start your mindset for dealing with major storms and all that…

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Episode 65: Overcoming Adversity for Preparedness


This week, we’re going to cover overcoming adversity so that you can help yourself and others successfully overcome a disaster, emergency, or another critical event. One of, if not the primary goal of preparedness is to overcome adversity. That’s because as survivors, we prepare for what Merriam-Webster defines as: “a state or instance of serious…

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Episode 64: Stress Coping (Dealing with PTSD)


Today, we’re going to go over stress coping so that you’re ready to help your family and loved ones after you find yourself in a disaster or other stressful situation. Now, while I’m not a therapist, I do know about this topic because I’ve had my own dealings with stress in the form of PTSD.…

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Episode 63: Safe Hiking

Safe Hiking-Mind4Survival-Preparedness-Prepper-Survival-Prepping

Are you into safe hiking? Do you know that, according to the CDC, the third most common source of injury in the wilderness is hiking, with hiking falling only behind sledding and snowboarding? Do you also know that more deaths and injuries are attributed to hiking than to more dangerous activities such as rock climbing?…

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