Basic First Aid Skills for Preparedness

A person practicing CPR.

Preparedness isn’t just about stockpiling supplies. It’s also about equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills to use your supplies effectively. Basic first aid is essential for anyone serious about being prepared. In this article, I’ll cover fundamental first-aid skills everyone should know. As an experienced paramedic, I’ve seen firsthand how these skills can save…

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The Legalities of Self-Defense with Attorneys on Retainer

A woman with here concealed carry firearm in her purse.

In this insightful episode, I welcome Rachel Moss, a seasoned criminal defense attorney from Arizona specializing in self-defense law. Rachel, an attorney with the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm, provides a deep dive into the often misunderstood world of self-defense law. Here’s a breakdown of our conversation, filled with invaluable insights and practical advice. Disclaimer:…

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How to Make Your Home More Safe and Secure

A person protecting their home.

Creating a secure and safe home environment is an essential preparedness step for any homeowner. This article will discuss how to make your home safe and secure, ensuring it becomes a haven for you and your loved ones. By implementing these strategies, you’ll be ready to face a variety of scenarios confidently, knowing your home…

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Essential Medical Skills for SHTF Situations

A medic providing care during an SHTF situation.

Hey there, my preparedness-minded friends! Today, I’m diving into essential medical skills for SHTF situations. This article is based on a recent conversation with survival medicine experts Dr. Joe Alton and his wonderful wife, Nurse Amy Alton. Be sure to read the article and watch the video to help you level up your medical preparedness.…

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How to Reduce Violence: A Holistic Approach

How to Reduce Violence text, with flames behind it.

In the prepping world, we’re all too familiar with the need to be ready for anything. But, while we are prepared by stockpiling goods and honing our survival skills, a broader challenge often goes unaddressed: the escalating violence in our societies. While we have little influence on the political decisions that lead to increased violence,…

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The Unseen Enemy: Navigating Emotional Trauma

A man with his head in hands struggling with emotional trauma

As preparedness-minded people, we make a concerted effort to prepare for the worst. We stockpile, strategize, and train, readying ourselves for whatever problem may come. But there’s one threat that’s harder to prepare for because it comes from within—emotional trauma. This invisible and capable enemy can strike at the heart of even the most seasoned…

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The Benefits of Martial Arts with Jeremy Lesniak

Two people doing martial arts

In this episode, I have the privilege of hosting Jeremy Lesniak, a seasoned martial artist with a career spanning four decades. Jeremy’s journey in martial arts, beginning at the age of four, has been nothing short of remarkable. His experiences and insights are sure to provide a fresh perspective on preparedness. A Lifetime in Martial…

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What is Survival Medicine?

A man treating an injured hiker in the mountains.

Survival medicine goes beyond the familiar territory of standard emergency care. In modern emergency medicine, there’s an expectation that professional help will eventually arrive. Whether it’s a sprained ankle on a hiking trail or an illness in a remote location, there’s a presumption of reaching a hospital or clinic. However, survival medicine operates on a…

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15 Foods to STOCKPILE That NEVER Expire!

A survival food pantry with shelves of long-term storage food.

Imagine never having to throw away food again. That’s every prepper’s dream. Guess what? It is possible, and in this article, I’ll discuss 15 foods to stockpile that never expire. This doesn’t mean they will last millennia, but many of these foods may outlive you. It’s a fact that during uncertain times and emergencies, having…

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How Does an EMP Work? Understanding this Invisible Threat

A city blacked out with an EMP exploding.

In a world increasingly dependent on technology, the concept of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) carries significant weight. Understanding how a nuclear EMP works is crucial, not just for scientists and engineers but for anyone concerned about the resilience of our modern infrastructure. I had the privilege of discussing this topic with Dr. Arthur Bradley, an…

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