7 Best Black Friday Sales For Preppers! (2022)

Best Black Friday Sales

I’ve never been too much into Black Friday deals and the hype that comes with this time of year. However, I’m changing my tune this year, with inflation rising and the cost of everything going through the roof. So, I’m passing on some of the sources I use to stay on top of my prepper…

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OpticsPlanet: Is Optics Planet Legit? (My Personal Experience)

Optics Planet is it Legit

A question I’ve heard and repeatedly read over the past several years is, “Is Optics Planet legit?” Since people, possibly you, are considering giving OpticsPlanet (OP) your business, it is a 100% legitimate question. And that’s precisely the concern I will discuss in this article. So, if you’re considering OP for your next online shopping…

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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife: Review & Guide (2022) 

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved my Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. They are the original multitool. However, unlike a multitool and large pocket knives, the average Swiss army knife is easy to carry, doesn’t freak people out, and has a well-documented history of proven value. That’s why I use it as my everyday…

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Best Military Sleep System: Sleeping Bag Facts & Info (2022)

Modular Military Sleep System FI

The Military Sleep System, also known as the Military Modular Sleep System (MSS), is a sleeping bag system designed to provide a scalable survival capability from mild to extremely cold, life-threatening environmental conditions. The modular sleep system is designed in layers to provide pockets of air-trapping insulation. The systems layers consist of an outer camouflaged…

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Kamik Boots: Review of My Winter Boots (2022)

Kamik Boots

Kamik boots are fabulous winter boots! I enjoy sliding my feet into them when heading outside. That’s because I know my Kamik’s not only have my feet, they have my back when facing down Old Man Winter. Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links that I may receive a small commission for at no cost to you if you choose…

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What is Prepping? It’s More Than Stockpiling Food!

What is Prepping

This article is about prepping to face the adversities of life. What those adversities are for each of us, no one knows. What we do know, though, is that one of the only guarantees in life is for us all to face adversity. Whether that’s a job loss, a medical or surgical procedure, or a…

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Silvasorb Gel – Why I Use Silver Antimicrobial Wound Gel (2022)

Silvasorb Ionic Silver Gel

Silvasorb Gel is a powerful and innovative wound gel that uses ionic silver technology to provide non-stinging, non-staining, antimicrobial protection and promote healing. Whether you are recovering from surgery, dealing with a fresh and open wound, or need some extra protection against infection, Silvasorb Gel is the perfect choice for fast, effective healing. What Is…

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12 Best Wound Care Supplies (Survival Medical Kit)

Wound care supplies

I consider wound care supplies an integral part of your home’s survival medical kit. And your home’s survival medical kit may be your last best option to treat patients such as yourself and your loved ones during emergencies and prolonged disasters. The purpose of your home medical kit is to deal with medical problems and…

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10 Best Thrift Store Finds for Living a Self-Reliant Life (2022)

Mind4Survival explores thrift store finds for preppers

Thrift store finds are always a welcome surprise. Thrift store finds can be a lifesaver for self-reliant-minded people on a quest to stock the cupboards, shelves, and foot lockers of their homes, bunkers, and caches! Thrift store shopping provides everyone with the ability to maximize the value in both their day-to-day life and their preparedness…

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Prepping: The Fundamentals of Preparedness Made Easy!


Prepping has been in my mind as far back as I can remember. When I was a young child, my mother told me that my grandfather was a violent and abusive alcoholic who would go ballistic at the drop of a hat. Now, I don’t recall seeing that in him, but he also underwent shock…

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