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Episode 87: Medical Preparedness with Kevin Faulk


Medical Preparedness | Kevin Faulk with Devil Dog Consulting is here and in this first part of the two-part episode on prepper medicine we’ll be covering: Medical Supplies Managing Expectations with Medical Training Managing Gunshot Wounds and Bleeding Control Vetting Training Comfort Items as Basic Medical Supplies Training with Medical Gear About Kevin Faulk Medical…

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Episode 86: The Readiness Mindset with George Taylor

Readiness Mindset_George Taylor

The Readiness Mindset | Hey, Survivors! This episode is going to focus on how to develop your readiness mindset.   Remain in the Present Featured Guest: George Taylor Remain in the Present Readiness Mindset Tip #1: Remain in the Present When it comes to readiness, I focus on the individual and helping the individuals to…

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Episode 85: Preppers and Fear Psychology


Preppers and Fear Psychology | It bugs me when people, especially people who profit from the prepping community, try to use fear as a motivation for others to prepare. In this Episode on Preppers and Fear Psychology: Micro vs. Macro Disasters Disasters Are Not a Myth Prepper Frustrations Illustrate Them Into Understanding! Preppers, Confidence, and…

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Episode 84: Personal Risk Assessment with Ed Clark

M4S084_Personal-Risk-Assessment-with-Ed Clark

Personal Risk Assessment | Hey there! This episode is going to focus on how to develop and manage your risk profile. In this Episode on Personal Risk Assessment: Foundation of Risk Types of Assets Prioritizing Assets What Am I Protecting My Assets From? What Am I Protecting My Assets With? Now many of you may…

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Episode 83: RV Living Tips (Pt.2)


RV Living Tips | Thank you for coming back for part two of the RV Prepper episode with David Helm talking about living in an RV trailer. In this Episode on RV Living Tips: RV Treatment by Others on the Road How Truckers Treat RVers RV Safety Concerns RV Security Measures Urban RV Security Concerns…

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Episode 82: Living in an RV Trailer (Pt. 1)

Living in an RV Trailer_RV Prepper

Living in an RV Trailer | Have you ever considered living in an RV trailer as a way to enjoy life more and as a backup place to live if things go bad? Listen in to this episode with David Help of RV Prepper as he discusses living in an RV trailer. In this Episode…

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Dehydration Facts

Dehydration Facts_Mind4Survival_Prepper_Prepping_Prepared_Survival

Dehydration Facts | What is Dehydration? One of the first dehydration facts is that dehydration is a state in which your body has a water and fluid imbalance. Dehydration happens due to many reasons but ultimately occurs when your body is unable to retain enough water and other fluids (Mayo Clinic, 2018). Not having adequate…

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Episode 81: Safe Online Shopping Tips

safe online shopping tips_Mind4Survival_Prepper_Prepping_Prepared_SurvivalThe new reports do not prove there’s a direct risk caused by the use of marijuana among motorists

How are you when it comes to safe online shopping tips? What will you feel when you buy something on the internet, only to find out after forking over your hard-earned money, that the whole thing is a scam? I know I’d be steamed! In this episode on Safe Online Shopping Tips Make the Seller…

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Episode 80: Daily Water Consumption

Daily Water Consumption_Mind4Survival_Prepper_Prepping_Prepared_Survival

Today’s question about daily water consumption comes to us from Jason in VA.  Jason writes: Hi Brian, I listened to the Water Storage podcast yesterday. It was really good. I wanted to get your opinion on my water storage. We have a household of 5. I have built up to 20 cases of water along…

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Episode 79: 10 Inconvenient Truths About Disaster Mindset

Dehydration Facts_Mind4Survival_Prepper_Prepping_Prepared_Survival

Have you truly and honestly ever thought about your mindset and the truths about disaster mindset when it comes to preparing for disaster and major cataclysms? When it comes to mentally preparing for major disasters and society altering events, all of us read posts on social media and hear people say in person about how…

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