Prepper-Food-Storage-Tips-Mind4SurvivalKnowing prepper food storage tips are important when a disaster happens, how much food you have saved up will be one of the most important things to know about yourself.

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As resources across the state, nation, or world will be depleting rapidly, you may find yourself unable to restock and depend only on what you have stored up.

Since this is such an important issue, there needs to be some healthy discussion on what food is worth storing and the best ways to store it.

Let’s start with talking about what foods are worth storing. Here are some tips.


Easily Stored

Any food you store may have to sit on a shelf for a while. Make sure that you can easily keep it in one place and the more compact it is, the better. Cans are perfect for this.


High in Nutrients

This isn’t too big of a deal in the modern world since nearly all of our foods are enriched, fortified, and subject to whatever else people put in them.  But if a disaster happens and you are unable to restock supplies, you will want to eat some fruits and vegetables, so you don’t develop any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.


High in Calories

Yep, I said it. The best-stored food is food that is high in calories because calories are the lifeblood of energy. All calories come from three things: carbs, proteins, and fats. Carbs are found in grains and sugars and don’t provide much energy (four calories per gram). Carbs burn quick, so you are left feeling hungry. Proteins provide the same amount of energy as carbs (four calories per gram) but are used to rebuild muscle and burn more slowly, so you are left feeling full. You can find proteins in meats, nuts, and dairy. Fats provide the most energy (nine calories per gram) and are found in dairy, meats, nuts, and oils.

Based on this analysis, the best-stored food is high in proteins and fats. This will make you feel less hungry – meaning you eat less – and will help rebuild muscle. A high protein and high-fat diet will also ensure that you get more calories for fewer dollars spent and less food is eaten, so your survival shelves will last longer in a crisis.

So even though Krispy Kreme donuts are high in calories, they make for horrible survival food because they are not nutritious and are almost entirely carbs. So, you can eat a whole box of them but still feel relatively hungry, and your body will not perform as well when you are doing your daily tasks.

Now that we’ve discussed what foods are the best to store let’s cover some essential tips, including suggestions for your wallet.


Cans Are Lifeblood

Cans are pretty much a goldmine for food storage. They are compact, pretty inexpensive, and can hold just about any type of food. I store huge amounts of cans in my prepper supply closet.


Get More Than You Think You Need

When your only food source is the food you have, you'll go through it a lot faster than you would like. This is especially true if you are like some people (meaning me) and stress eat. Remember that it is always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. For this reason, be sure to stock up nicely.


If Necessary, Purchase in Small Doses

It is no secret that preparing for hard times can be particularly difficult on your wallet. If you are not financially able to stock up all at once, do not panic. This is completely normal. We are all in this boat together, and tons of preppers have faced this same problem, including myself. I solved this problem by only purchasing one day's worth of supplies every time I went to the grocery store. Every time I was in the store, I would buy a few cans, a little pasta, or other materials I needed. While this added only a few dollars to each of my grocery bills, I was fully stocked and ready within weeks.


Remember Who You Are Preparing For

Lots of ado is made about what we are preparing for: EMPs, nuclear strikes, martial law, economic collapse, and so on. But I want you to remember who you are preparing for. I prep so that if something terrible happens, I can be confident that my family has the resources they need to survive. Remembering who you prep for will continuously keep your goal in mind and encourage you to continue onward even when prepping gets tough.



Never forget, you’re just one prep away.

If you have any other thoughts or questions about prepper food storage tips, please leave a comment below.

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