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Escape and Evasion Bag

Escape and Evasion Bag (E&E Bag)_Mind4Survival_Prepper_Prepping_Prepared_Survival

An essential part of preparedness that is often neglected is the escape and evasion bag. Unlike a bug out bag, your E&E bag is generally kept in your vehicle and is typically smaller than a bug out bag you might have at home. The purpose of your E&E bag is to get you home from work…

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Prepper Camp (Prepper Camp Review)


Prepper Camp: By E.R.  I’m a planner. Below you will find my checklist for Prepper Camp 2018-Orchard Lake Campground. I do this for all of my organized trips. Planning for events like Prepper Camp isn’t something that takes an effort for me. I enjoy it. I would make a similar list if I were tailgating…

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