How To Create a Rolling Survival Cache

How to create a rolling survival cache

I’ve already addressed the idea of having a secret cache/safe place in the city here on Mind4Survival, describing my personal experience building (and testing) one to illustrate the proposition. Now, I’ll go over an alternative strategy: a rolling survival cache. As described in the article, I’d put together that small storage room during a period…

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Managing Your Water Supply When the Taps Turn Off

Managing your water supply when the taps turn off

In the previous article about water, I told a story about droughts and shortages that took place here where I live and how something like that impacts the population and everyday life. We also saw how to source it in the urban environment, tips for finding it in the wilderness, and some basics on assessing…

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Sourcing Water in an Emergency

Many threats could cause water to become scarce or even disappear for some time. Particularly in cities where millions live together, the precious liquid gets used for many activities, from personal hygiene to sanitation to food preparation, healthcare, and much more. Sourcing water in an emergency is an essential skill every prepper should consider. I’m…

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How to Prep for Economic Downturns and Financial Collapse

How to prep for economic downturns and financial collapse

Most, if not every, man-made SHTF starts with the economy going bust or the financial collapse of a government. No nation or civilization makes war, suffers (or attempts) an invasion, coup d’état, or goes into civil war when there’s abundance and prosperity.  It’s when things turn bad that cooperation ends. Diplomacy, politics, and society start…

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Emergency Shelter Considerations

Practice making shelter before you need one in an emergency

Establishing a hierarchy of the pillars or aspects of survival based on their simple value can be next to impossible, thanks to the many variables related to context and the situation. However, while food, water, and fire are critical, it’s well-accepted that an emergency shelter should be a priority. If we can’t protect ourselves from…

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Prepping for Aging: How to Maintain Your Health

Prepping for aging: how to maintain your health

The recent passing of a family member due to complications from a common household accident had me reflecting even deeper on the subject. According to the statistics, these occurrences are responsible for many incapacitations and deaths, particularly of elders. “About 16 out of 100 people were injured, and about 1 out of 1,890 died from…

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Survival Cache Locations & The Short-Term Bug-Out

Mind4Survival discusses survival caches

Social unrest is becoming more frequent everywhere, and signs indicate things will worsen. Protests, crime, rioting, and strikes can happen suddenly or in waves, leading to government crackdowns. Things like martial law, curfews, and other restrictions are real and now a possibility, potentially making the situation critical. A small cache close to home or even…

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SHTF – What To Do NOW To Be Ready

SHTF - What To Do Now to Be Ready

History shows the culmination of any civilization or empire is a period of excesses, overindulgence, and reckless extravagance. That describes the current zeitgeist to a tee, while the effects and consequences of those behaviors are starting to play out already, particularly in Western societies. History also teaches that moments like these require temperance, self-discipline, moderation,…

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Defensive Driving: Steer Clear of Disaster

Defensive Driving is an excellent skill to know

Defensive driving is defined as a set of safe responses to potential hazards, including other drivers, damaged road surfaces, debris, inclement weather, and more. Getting behind the wheel isn’t risk-free, and employing defensive driving techniques can help keep drivers and street/road users safe. However, I’ll argue that’s for civilized places and during normal times, when…

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What is Stealth Camping and Why It’s Awesome for Preppers

Man Stealth Camping

Recently we looked at some training ideas to improve home preparedness. However, when your home is set and it’s time to move outdoors, stealth camping can be a challenging and fun way to improve fitness and boost tactical and self-reliance skills. Camping can take different styles and forms. Stealth camping, also called tactical camping, is…

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