Freeze-Drying Pros and Cons (From an Owner!)

Freeze Dryer Pros & Cons

I bought my freeze dryer in 2017. At that time, I felt an urgency to prep and to get my food preps up to a certain level. I had a lot of canned food stored, but when I considered what I wanted to make with it, I had a lot of holes in the ingredients.…

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I Swapped My Clothes for Year-Round Wool

Photo of author's closet filled with clothing

Note: This is not an affiliate post for any specific wool clothing brand. This is the first-hand experience of the author. I have wanted to be a minimalist for most of my adult life. It was a dream I fostered while gathering and storing more and more. Once I became a prepper, it seemed that…

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Grid Down Lessons: 5 Days With No Power

What we learned when our power went out for 5 days

In our area of the mid-west, grid down situations aren’t unheard of. The storms were expected, and we’d had a couple throughout the day, but when the emergency alert sounded on my phone, I thought that this one might be a little different. It got really dark in the house at 3:00 pm. We turned…

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