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Whose Business Is It If People Are Preparing for Survival?

I have a question for my fellow preppers. Whose business is it if we are preparing for survival? Are you sick of the media bashing the prepper community?  Well, I am! It was only last…

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The Lost Art of Paying Close Attention to Your Situation

The art of paying close attention to your situation may be going extinct. That’s because, in today’s world, we get subjected to pressure tests of modern technology and stockpiles of skewed information. All those distractions…

Do you have a financial preparedness mindset? This article will talk about it.

Financial Preparedness Mindset

Grocery retailers are reporting a rise in prices. As a result, they are stockpiling food and supplies to protect their future profits. It’s all happening while the mainstream media (MSM) gaslights us about what is…

There are many lessons from the Great Depression that are still relevant today

Lessons from the Great Depression We Can Use Right Now

The late 1920s and early 1930s were challenging times economically for our country, and we’re starting to see similar issues today. Those who are wise learn from history, and those who do not, repeat it.…


Endgame: When It Counts, Get Advice from the Experts

If you knew we were down to the wire, down to the Endgame, and that everything had changed, would you want to just muddle along, prepping as you always had? Or would you want advice…

Modern Monetary Theory Explained (1)

What is Modern Monetary Theory

Many people are asking, “What is Modern Monetary Theory?” In short, Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is the most recent effort by our elected representatives to explain away and justify their reprehensible and destructive fiscal policies. …


Nashville Explosion: Should We Expect Warzone Tactics at Home?

While many people are waking to a traditional Christmas morning of gift-giving, holiday cheer, and having a rare, stress-free 2020 day, a new tradition may be exploding across the United States. Unfortunately, that new tradition…

BioLite Stove Review

Read This BioLite Stove Review Before You Make a Purchase

By Greg Chabot Recently, during the COVID-19 panic, I re-evaluated some of my preparations. As I did, I found that I lacked a portable camp stove that would fit into a rucksack. With my mission…

How-To-Start-Prepping-For-SHTF (1)

How to Start Prepping for SHTF with What You Already Have

by Pete Orndorff So you think you should learn how to start prepping for SHTF – or at the very least, potential emergencies. You look online, check out social media, and browse some websites. And…

SMART goal setting is an excellent technique for effectively setting and meeting our goals.

SMART Goal Setting

SMART goal setting is an excellent technique for effectively setting and meeting our goals. Setting SMART goals is especially helpful for people whose goals focus on overcoming life’s challenges.  The truth is improving your life…

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Here’s the Essential SHTF Survival Gear You Need

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M4S 067: Are Preppers Crazy? How to Overcome the Stereotype

Are preppers crazy is a question the prepping community often brings upon itself.
  What often stops people from taking preparedness seriously is the question, "Are preppers ...
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M4S 078: What Does Safety Third Mean?

What does safety third mean? It means your safety should be your priority.
What would you say if I asked you, "What does safety third mean?" After ...
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