What cheap prepping supplies are out there? And what is not worth skimping on?

When to Get Cheap Prepping Supplies (…And When to Splurge)

Some people will tell you never to get cheap prepping supplies and always get the best quality you can afford. But that’s not true of everything. We recommend buying certain items inexpensively so that you…

Many conditions determine how long stored water will last

How Long Does Stored Water Last? It Depends.

How long does stored water last? That’s a common question in the prepper world for old and new preppers alike. While some people like to give definitive answers like “one year” or “6 months,” there…

Here is what you should do after a hurricane

What Should You Do AFTER a Hurricane?

The internet is filled with advice about what to do in preparation for a hurricane. But what should you do AFTER a hurricane? In truth, more people die in the aftermath than during the storm…

Here are some additional bug in essentials that are good to have on hand

Don’t Hunker Down Without These Bug In Essentials

When it comes to sheltering in place, there are certain bug in essentials that will make you safer and more comfortable. While some folks have elaborate bug-out plans, many emergencies are best weathered by hunkering…

Daily Mini Preps every day of National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month!

In honor of September being National Preparedness Month, we’re bringing you our list of top mini-preps and activities that you can tackle in a short period of time. Take a few minutes each day and…

Daily Mini Preps every day of National Preparedness Month

Thanks! You’re Set for National Preparedness Month!

Thank You and Congrats! It’s always a great day when someone steps up and adds to their preparedness, and that’s just what you’ve done. Now, click on the link and we’ll beam you over to…

Emergency essentials car kits include things like food, water, and first aid items.

What’s In YOUR Emergency Essentials Car Kit?

  Are you prepared to spend the night in your car or head off on a long hike in the event of an accident or breakdown (or worse)? There are several things that should be in…

Survival and prepping is individual to every person

Survival and Prepping: There’s NOT Just One Way to Prep

When you think of survival and prepping, what is the image in your mind? Are you picturing bunkers, food stacked to the rafters, and a mini-armory in a secret room hidden by a bookcase? Or…

Prepping Basics: Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you interested in preparedness but unsure where to start? In this article, we’ll go over the prepping basics that are essential. It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you start out planning for epic long-term…

What are the basic survival prepping supplies everyone should have on hand?

Start Here: What Survival Prepping Supplies Do You Need?

When you’re just getting started, you should focus first on the most important survival prepping supplies. You’ll find many lists on the internet telling you what you absolutely must have immediately. The thing is, a…

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