If You Had to Choose, Would It Be Peanut Butter or SPAM?

SPAM vs Peanut Butter

As you strive to build up your food storage system, you’ll realize that you need to focus more on protein and fat. While just about every prepper on the planet has a mountain of rice, wheat berries, and oats stowed away, protein and fat seem to be where we find ourselves holding the short end…

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7 Best Black Friday Sales For Preppers! (2022)

Best Black Friday Sales

I’ve never been too much into Black Friday deals and the hype that comes with this time of year. However, I’m changing my tune this year, with inflation rising and the cost of everything going through the roof. So, I’m passing on some of the sources I use to stay on top of my prepper…

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How to Build Your Preparedness Community


I initially thought I’d call this article “tribe” because that’s the most important thing, but I had to open my aperture a bit and look at a more significant problem set and address the potential solutions. Your tribe is your inner group, the ones you know you can count on when things go sideways, or…

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Homemade Prepper Gifts for the Non-Prepper in Your Life

Homemade prepper gifts for the non-preppers in your life

Do you want to give a unique and valuable present to someone you love, but they’re amongst the ranks of non-preppers? What about making them homemade prepper gifts to get them on the road to preparedness subtly? It’s no secret that many folks think preppers are crazy, and those folks are difficult to convince otherwise.…

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What To Do With Your Excess Harvest

What to do with an excess harvest

As the days darken, many of us are harvesting the last of our garden produce and putting the beds to sleep for the winter. You might be wondering what to do with the produce you can’t fit in your fridge; I know many people simply let things rot when they can’t get to storing them…

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How To Prepare For Rolling Blackouts

How to Prepare for Rolling Blackouts

For most Americans, rolling blackouts were always things that happened to other people in faraway places. However, with energy insecurity on the rise, more and more regions are mentioning the possibility of rationing electricity this winter. Pre-scheduled rolling blackouts are now a possibility for millions of Americans, just as the weather is turning colder in…

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OpticsPlanet: Is Optics Planet Legit? (My Personal Experience)

Optics Planet is it Legit

A question I’ve heard and repeatedly read over the past several years is, “Is Optics Planet legit?” Since people, possibly you, are considering giving OpticsPlanet (OP) your business, it is a 100% legitimate question. And that’s precisely the concern I will discuss in this article. So, if you’re considering OP for your next online shopping…

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5 Times Robots Threatened and Hurt People

Robot with machine gun

One of the most overlooked potential threats to humankind is that of a malevolent AI placed in a position where it can cause harm to a human being. The AI doesn’t even have to be placed there. It may very well find its way to that position itself. It may seek it out. The problem…

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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife: Review & Guide (2022) 

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved my Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. They are the original multitool. However, unlike a multitool and large pocket knives, the average Swiss army knife is easy to carry, doesn’t freak people out, and has a well-documented history of proven value. That’s why I use it as my everyday…

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Food Preservation: Fermentation

Fermenting Cabbage

Fall is a season of abundance for many people. If you’ve got an abundance of food from your garden or farmer’s market, you may be wondering how to preserve it. Modern methods of preservation, such as canning or dehydrating, are great, but it’s also worthwhile learning about a far older method of preservation—fermentation. What Is…

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