Here are ten survival skills all female preppers should know

10 Skills Female Preppers Should Have That Aren’t About Food

The niches of prepping and survival sometimes seem like a man’s world, what with all the guns, camo, and armchair warriors that proliferate in comments sections and forums. But you might be surprised to find…

Check out our list of winter tips for preppers

Winter Prepper Tips

Winter Prepper Tips   If there is snow on the ground, always keep an eye out for unusual tracks on your property, especially around building perimeters.   Don’t get caught in a winter storm without…

How to sanitize water containers for long term storage

Sanitizing Water Containers: Here’s How to Do It

Your stored water is only as clean and pure as the container holding it. To make sure your supply is safe to drink, sanitizing water containers before filling them is essential. There are a few…

Putting back 2 weeks of food is a great start for a new prepper's stockpile.

2 Weeks of Food: How to Start a Stockpile for New Preppers

When you first start prepping, you probably hear people talking about their “one-year food supply” and “long-term food vs. short-term food.” It can all feel pretty overwhelming and can be difficult to know where to…

Do-It-Yourself water storage is an inexpensive way to increase your supply.

Easy DIY Water Storage for Frugal Preppers

  Prepping can cost a lot of money, but one part doesn’t have to: WATER.  While it’s not especially glamorous, it’s probably the most important prep you can have because you can only survive 3…

Prepper life is adaptable to fit every person's lifestyle

Living the Prepper Life: It’s Not All Beans and Bunkers

Living the prepper life isn’t all about beans, bullets, and bunkers, as sensationalist shows like Doomsday Preppers like to portray. The prepper life is about a mindset of resilience and self-reliance. You don’t have to…

Woman struggling in the face of adversity

Prepping is NOT Just Beans, Bullets, and Barter Items

Yes, it’s true. Prepping is not just beans, bullets, and barter items Unfortunately, we in the preparedness community often think of prepping along the lines of the things and plans we employ to deal with…

How to store emergency food for the long-term

How to Store Emergency Food for the Longest Shelf Life

So you’ve done it. You’ve stocked up on all sorts of food and built your prepper stockpile. You’re officially “prepped.” You’re done, right? Not so fast – you need to know how to store emergency…

Here are the things to consider for your winter emergency kit

What Should Preppers Have in Their Winter Emergency Kit?

The wind is howling, the snow is blowing, the weather is frigid, and suddenly, the power goes out. But it’s okay. Your winter emergency kit prepares you for whatever Mother Nature brings you. We’ve gone…

Ask yourself these questions to decide if it is time to bug out

Is It Time to Bug Out? How to Know When to Go

We’ve talked on this website about making the decision whether to Get Out Of Dodge or hunker down at home, but one vital question remains. Is it time to bug out? How do you know…

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