Why is preparedness so important? Because it means we are better able to confront the challenges we will all face in life, like now.

In this Episode on Being a Crazy Prepper:

  1. Learn why being a crazy prepper isn't all that bad.
  2. We're also getting into some mindset techniques and things you can do by reaching out and talking to other people who might be struggling as well.

Being a Crazy Prepper

I'm one of those crazy preppers who now more than ever wishes he had a hidden bunker with 10 years of food stockpiled and ready to go. Maybe filled with video games, but I'm not. I'm the crazy prepper who just added some basic food to my daily acquisition. 

Did I go out and buy at some point some bulk of rice and beans? Yeah, not years and years and years worth and all that, but enough to take care of myself, some friends and some family for a little while. Is that a bad thing right now?

I'm lucky that I get to recognize that my brain wants to go elsewhere, truly hoping to avoid any major problems. That's what my emotional brain wants. It's the fight or flight center of your brain. 

I'm going a little bit stir crazy already. I had a conversation with a very good friend tonight who's going stir crazy as well. We're human beings. We're herd animals. We like to be social. I mean, we wouldn't have football games and homecoming stuff. We'd have professional hide and seek if we weren't social animals. So it's natural to feel like you're isolated in your cooped up. You're a hundred percent normal. 

Mindset Techniques

Take a mental break and just enjoy breathing the air. Sometimes, you know, we always hear, "Oh gosh. I wish it was quieter out here." Well, I imagine you got quiet. I know I do where I'm at right now. Let's focus on the good. It's a good thing that we can go outside right now and that we're not one of the people that may be ill. 

If you are preparedness-minded and you have those in your life who aren't, don't beat them over the head with it. Help them understand that preparedness isn't necessarily that bad. Not all preppers are conservative people with big trucks and camouflage hats, man. So what if I want to wear a camouflage hat? Let people be. 

We are in this thing for the next 30 days. So do I have enough? If not, can they be stretched? Can you stretch what you have to get there? If and when you really need to go to the store, you can plan what you need so you're not overexposing yourself

Trying to remain in a good mindset is hard. We can overcome adversity. We've done it in the past. As we go into this, think positive and be grateful. There are certain things you need to be grateful for in your life. Say it out loud. It's good for you.


Never forget, you’re just one prep away.

If you have any other thoughts or questions about how I'm a crazy prepper, please leave a comment below.

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