2020’s Distractions to Your Safety, Security, and Preparedness

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Distractions-to-Your-Safety-Security-and-Preparedness-1Whew, it’s August, and 2020 is providing just as many nutty distractions from our preparedness now as it was in January. While the ‘Rona continues to be a driving force in politics and our daily lives, most of us now accept it as part of our daily lives. 

Likewise, as politics heat up between President Trump and Joe Biden, we are bombarded and distracted from what is necessary for our future readiness with more and more trash-talking and clickbait headlines. On top of all that, we watch as the world stage becomes increasingly worrisome. 

As if all that isn’t enough to distract us from what we should be doing to reset and prepare for whatever may come next, we have an economy that many believe is on life-support and circling the drain.

The question of this post and one that should be important to you is, are you resetting and preparing to deal with whatever may be coming down the pike? 

By this point in time, we’re all experts at dealing with the COVID in our individual ways. Despite that, the information we have available to us regarding the virus, in my opinion, the data we receive continues to be inconsistent. In turn, it’s the inconsistency of information, which causes many of us to experience uncertainty and hesitation in deciding what our plans for overcoming the other 2020 and beyond related adversities.

Adding to our confusion and often emotional, as opposed to rational thought processes, is the fast-approaching November election. Unlike any I can remember in my half a century on this planet, this election is doing more to distract us from our personal needs than anything else. 

The upcoming election, in all of its whack-a-doodle glory, serves to distract us from our future preparedness efforts. Adding to the distraction problem is that the election is also pitting neighbor against neighbor, unnecessarily raising the level of tension we all feel. 

As if COVID and the churning cesspool of American politics aren’t enough, rising tensions around the world also provide a significant distraction that keeps us focusing on where we should be in our readiness. China is shipping minorities off to concentration camps and splitting up families in Hong KongUS troops are under attack in Syria. The list goes on and on. 

So, where does all of that leave us, the preparedness-minded? Well, it leaves us in a difficult situation. It leaves us in a position that can easily distract us from some of the most critical aspects of our lives. 

Yes, the reality of today impacts our relationships, work, and livelihoods. However, it also distracts us from resetting, retooling, and getting our preps ready to go fro whatever may 

come next. 

After all, with the incredible amount of stress, we are all experience, how much time do you feel like thinking about the next bad thing heading your way? Personally, I find it a chore and something I don’t want to do. If that’s you too, try not to worry because YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this. 

And while you are not alone in this, your safety, security, and preparedness for future events (and perhaps the same for your loved ones) also depend on overcoming the human condition that we are all experiencing now. 

So, what’s then if everything depends on you, what’s the answer? The answer is simple, step back and away from what is distracting you, take a breather, regroup, and get back to thinking about how prepared you want to be and what you need to do to get there

Five Tips to Help Be Less Distracted and Be More Productive

  1. Turn your cell phone off for an hour (more if you can manage it).
  2. Pick one thing you want to accomplish and do it.
  3. Turn your thoughts when they drift to any of the distractions mentioned above. 
  4. Make yourself accountable by telling others and what you’re doing.
  5. GO, DO IT! 

Doing these things, especially as the 24-hour news cycle heats up, isn’t easy, and it will be a challenge. Setting down our phone and NOT looking at it for an hour is contrary to the chemical reactions, making us feel uncomfortable. 


Fortunately, while it is really UNCOMFORTABLE to put our phones aside, I know you can do it! Moreover, after you drop the distractions for an hour and continue doing so for a few days, the productivity and positive feelings you have will increase. 

As an awesome byproduct of you challenging yourself and your distractions will become more productive, you’ll also find yourself becoming more safe, secure, prepared, and confident. 

Distractions to Your Safety Security and Preparedness


So now, what are you waiting for? Get off the device you’re reading this no and get busy being productive and prepared! 

Brian Duff

Brian began his preparedness life at the age of three after surviving the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake. Since then, Brian has made a life of responding to emergencies as a firefighter paramedic, conducting special operations as a U.S. Army Ranger, and providing high threat protection to overseas diplomats. Brian holds a bachelor's degree in security management, a master's of business administration, and numerous certifications from the safety, security, and emergency medical industries.

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