152: Top 4 Prepping Concerns for 2023 with Dale Goodwin

Top 4 Prepping Concerns for 2023
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In today’s episode, Dale and I discuss what we see as the four most concerning situations for 2023. These four scenarios to prepare for in 2023 are: 

Economy / Supply Chain Issues

The economy is a definite concern moving into 2023. In our opinion, it requires that people plan that the economy is going to be as difficult as it currently is and possibly worse than it is now. We are at one of the worst economic points in modern history. Whether it’s food, fuel, etc., people should be prepared to experience increased prices or decreased supplies. By preparing to whether economic struggles 

Government Overreach

Among other problems, the creation and implementation of the Digital Dollar make you and your digital money insecure. The ability of governments as happened in Canada and China, the governments shut off people’s ability to access their money. Likewise, that spills over to the government’s ability to turn off your digital dollars from purchasing supplies over a threshold set by those who control the digital side of the dollars. You have to shift your mindset to align with the preparedness challenges of the digital dollar. Bartering perhaps?

Power Grid Failures

We know our power grid has major issues. If the Texas ice storm and power outage taught us anything, it’s that wide swaths of our power grid are vulnerable to prolonged outages. Moreover, the power grid is, as the recent grid downings to small arms fire have shown, very vulnerable to human-caused damage. In other words, each person needs to be their own best preparedness advocate when it comes to power outages and maintaining their energy needs. 

Civil Unrest

With the economy, supply chain shortages, energy problems, and the upcoming 2024 election, the potential for civil unrest in the next two years is increasing. People across the spectrum of the US population are tired, worn out, and stressed from the craziness of 2022 and the few years before.

In the end, the system takes care of itself, and you are your own most dependable aid when things go wrong. The better prepared you are to survive without outside assistance, the freer you are. The minute you become reliant upon others, you become subject to their whims, policies, and orders. 

Preparedness = Freedom!

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Stay safe,

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152: Top 4 Prepping Concerns for 2023 with Dale Goodwin


  1. tigger on January 5, 2023 at 11:31 am

    senior here, dont understand the digital dollar thing….can you give some examples of how to prepare for that one? what to do now before its implemented? and how about gold and silver, dont know a thing about it….get that too? coinage or bars? so confused with whats coming…know I might not have much longer, but what I do have I want to prepare for as well as I can….. thanks

    can you do an article on these questions?

    • Joey on May 31, 2023 at 3:20 am

      Buy Silver coins lots of them and use those to buy things so the government wont see anything.

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