M4S 118: Afghanistan Evacuations Update & Prepping Your Own Food and Water

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In this episode, my good friend and retired Special Forces officer Ed Clark updates us on the evacuation of American citizens from Afghanistan.

Ed is part of the tireless team at AFGFree.org, working to save the lives of our fellow citizens abandoned in Afghanistan.

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In addition to discussing the latest on the Afghan evacuation crisis, Ed dives into his experiences with freeze-drying food, water catchment systems, and a host of other good-to-know preparedness information.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00:00 – Opening

0:08:07 – The Afghanistan evacuation crisis

1:06:45 – Prepping your own food and water

1:45:26 – Closing

Topics Discussed:

  • The Deep Water Horizon disaster
  • Random Anti-Terrorist Measures (Rams)
  • The Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Far Recognition Signals
  • PACE planning
  • Risk Assessment

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