Homemade Preparedness Gifts for Non-Prepared People

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Do you want to give a unique and valuable present to someone you love, but they’re amongst the ranks of non-preppers? What about making them homemade prepper gifts to get them on the road to preparedness subtly?

It’s no secret that many folks think being prepared is crazy, and those folks are difficult to convince otherwise. So, instead of wasting your breath, take matters into your own hands and make some creative, practical, homemade gifts. That way, you know they’re prepared for at least minor emergencies despite their resistance.

Below are some homemade gift-giving ideas that you can make to get the people you love better prepared slyly. Some of them are inexpensive, while others cost a bit more.

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“Kits” Are Great Homemade Prepper Gift Ideas

I like to assemble “kits” for gifts for preppers. You can present these in an attractive container, and as long as you’re practical, almost anyone will appreciate the stuff you’ve gotten them.

Mini Kits

Mini kits also make a great gift and can be a great stocking stuffer if small enough.

One note when making mini kits as stocking stuffers, try to find a good aircraft-grade aluminum box to hold its survival supplies.

A homemade emergency kit is a great gift idea

Survival Kit

A survival kit is one of the essential tools of everyday carry and in my opinion, is a must-have. Some things to include in a survival kit are:

Home Medical Kit

Get a first aid bag and put together a home medical kit. Include all the basics like bandages, Ace wraps, a thermometer, and Neosporin. Then, add a few over-the-counter medications. (See our article on prepper OTC meds here.) Grab a couple of drugs from each category to keep people covered.

Sick Care Kit

This gift might get a funny look when you first present it, but trust me, when the person needs it, they’ll be thrilled to have it. Get a sturdy crate or basket and load it up with comfort items that appeal to sick people. I like to add cans of ginger ale, facial tissue with lotion for sore noses, cans of chicken noodle soup, Vicks, cold medicine, anti-nausea meds, crackers, peppermint tea, and a heating pad.

Personalized gift baskets make great presents

Car Emergency Kit

You may not want to go full-on prepper car emergency kit for a non-prepper, but you can still assemble a few things and place them in a 5-gallon bucket that people just stow in their trunk. Include:

Include some climate-appropriate additions. Depending on where your gift recipient lives, add the following:

Power Outage Kit

A blackout kit is another of those gifts for preppers that people might look at funny when you give it to them but will greatly appreciate when they need it. Include things like:

You may want to take a note from the car emergency kit and add some climate-appropriate items.

Gardening Kits

Are you hoping your loved ones will take the hint and become a bit more self-reliant? Give them a homemade garden kit. Include some seedling starters, soil, and heirloom seeds. You can also add some garden tools. Choose easy-to-grow plants at first such as herbs, green peas, and lettuce.

Personal Safety Kits

A great gift for young people out on their own for the first time is a personal safety kit. Here are some things you might include:

  • Pepper spray
  • A keychain weapon
  • A small flashlight with a strobing effect
  • A personal alarm that makes a lot of noise
  • Gavin de Becker’s book, The Gift of Fear
  • A gift certificate for a self-defense class

This makes for a great present for not only a young person but also for a woman on your list who might be feeling vulnerable.

Personal Guides Are Another Great Idea for Homemade Gifts

If money is tight, you might want to invest more time in the gift than in finances. One idea is to make it a personal emergency guide.

Get a binder and start printing off helpful information that they might need during an emergency. Check out websites like FEMA or Ready.gov to get valuable printables. Some things to add:

  • Instructions on what to do if a common local emergency strikes: Depending on where the person lives, this could be an earthquake, a flood, or a tornado, just to name a few.
  • Information on food safety: Print off a chart that shows how long certain foods will remain safe to eat when the power goes out.
  • Instructions on how to purify water: Print off multiple different ways to purify water in the event of an emergency.
  • Important phone numbers: Who remembers phone numbers anymore? Not many people! Write down a list of phone numbers for family members, friends, local emergency services, doctor’s offices, the vet, and clergy members.
  • Write a list of what they need to add to the binder: Of course, this part is out of your hands, but suggest to the gift recipient that they might want to keep a copy of their essential papers in the emergency binder. Make it even easier by putting a folder with pockets in there for them.

Each guide will vary based on the person you are giving your homemade gifts to.

What are some other homemade gifts for preppers you would consider giving?

Have you ever made homemade preparedness gifts? Did the gift recipient like it, or did it meet with an eye roll? Did they later tell you about using it? Share your homemade prepper gifts for preppers’ ideas in the comments.

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Homemade Preparedness Gifts for Non-Prepared People

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