Learning ways to spot fake news can help you stay calm during turbulent times

M4S 113: 5 Ways to Spot Fake News

One of the critical abilities needed to master today’s world is the capacity to spot fake news. Knowing ways to spot fake news helps verify the information we base our decisions upon. When we can…

Lessons from the Mt. St. Helens eruption

M4S 112: Lessons from the Mount St Helens Volcano Eruption

May 18, 1980, is a day that many Pacific Northwesterners will never forget – it was the day the Mount St Helens volcano erupted. The Mount St Helens volcano is located about 100 miles south…

Be prepared for complex disaster situations

M4S 109: Disaster Situations Aren’t Always Isolated Events

Let’s talk about some stuff that does it make people feel very comfortable – disaster situations. Every area has certain disaster situations to which they are more prone. Considering disasters from a “what-if?” mindset allows…

Should you prep for SHTF alone or with a group?

M4S 107: Prepping Groups or Going It Alone – Which Is Best?

Prepping groups or going it alone? That’s always a raging debate in the preparedness world, much like the “best gun,” where you should live, and whether to bug out or bug in. While the first…

Learn to identify, prevent, and treat heat illness

M4S 106: How to Prevent Heat Illness

Knowing how to prevent heat illness can do more than save you in the short term – it can also prevent long-term heat-related issues. Did you know that nearly 1000 people die each year due…

Procrastination is the enemy of preparedness

M4S 105: How to Get Over Procrastination and Get Things Done

Do you have a list of things to do but you’re sitting there watching YouTube (or reading this blog) eating a snack? Do you put things off – sometimes until it’s too late? Would you…

Five great prepping quotes from Ben Franklin

M4S 104: Ben Franklin’s Best Prepper Quotes

  Founding Father Ben Franklin was sharing prepper quotes well before anyone ever thought of a term like “prepper.” His wisdom has held true throughout centuries, and so much of it relates to just thinking…

The Scofield Coal Mine Disaster

M4S 103: Lessons from the Scofield Coal Mine Disaster

Let’s reach back in history, going all the way back to talk about the Scofield Coal Mine Disaster, which occurred on May 1st of 1900 in Utah. One of the greatest parts about being a…

Tips for customizing the Daily Routine that is best for YOU!

M4S 099: How to Create Your Best Daily Routine

Creating your own best daily routine is incredibly helpful in finding more free time to do the things you LIKE to do. Daily routines also help increase your confidence and overall satisfaction with yourself and…

Tips from a paramedic on the proper use of disposable nitrile examination gloves

M4S 098: 8 Tips for Wearing Disposable Nitrile Examination Gloves

As a long-time paramedic, wearing disposable nitrile examination gloves is an essential part of my Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and has been since 1987-1988. That is when, in my experience, EMS agencies in Southern California…

What does trust mean in the prepper community?

M4S 095: What Does Trust Mean When It Comes to Preparedness?

What Does Trust Mean When It Relates to Preparedness? Trust is both earned and given, and it is an integral part of how we approach the world and our interactions. That is especially true during…


M4S 090: Stories from a Truck Bug Out Vehicle

Well, I did it. I up and bugged out. Why did I load up my truck bug out vehicle with as much as I could stuff in it and get out of Dodge? I hooked…


M4S 089: Yep, I’m a Crazy Prepper

I’m a crazy prepper who now more than ever wishes he had a hidden bunker with 10 years of food stockpiled and ready to go. Maybe filled with video games, but I’m not that guy.…

Maintaining a state of readiness is vital to your situational awareness

M4S 086: Your State of Readiness Starts NOW

A lot of people believe that when disaster strikes, they’ll immediately shift into survival mode and face the challenges. But that’s the wrong way to look at it. Your state of readiness starts NOW. Your…

Use these risk assessment principles to mitigate your most significant threats.

M4S 084: Risk Assessment Principles and Threat Mitigation

There are some very basic risk assessment principles that will help you to identify potential problems, manage your risk profile, and mitigate your most significant threats. Now many of you may be asking, well, what’s…

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