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How to Coach Emergency Preparedness (Coaching the Prepping Mindset)-Mind4Survival (1)

M4S058: How to Coach Emergency Preparedness

By Brian Duff | July 7, 2018

This episode is on how to coach emergency preparedness. If you listened to last week’s episode #57, “How to Convince Someone to Prepare” you’ll know that I touched on a couple of things to do when working to get a friend or relative into being prepared. One of those “to-dos” is coaching. So, let me…

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M4S057: How to Convince Someone to Prepare

By Brian Duff | June 30, 2018

  How many of you who know people who are totally opposed to preparedness. Are you frustrated with trying to know how to convince someone to prepare (get your family on board with prepping)? Do you know people, maybe family and friends, the minute you speak about preparedness, shut you down and don’t want to…

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Bug Out Bag Checklist (Top 10 Bug Out Bag Items)

M4S056: Bug Out Bag Checklist (Top 10 Bug Out Bag Items)

By Brian Duff | June 21, 2018

One discussion that often heats up a prepper conversation is what you should be on your Bug Out Bag Checklist (Top 10 Bug Out Bag Items). Most often it’s one opinion, versus another, then another, and so on until the conversation melts down. So, today’s episode is going to address the Bug Out Bag Checklist…

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How to Develop Good Situational Awareness Habits-Mind4Survival

M4S055: How to Develop Good Situational Awareness Habits

By Brian Duff | June 14, 2018

Have you ever wondered how to develop good situational awareness habits to turn the skills that you practice every day into good preparedness habits? Well, I recently heard from one of the Mind4Survival Facebook group members, Steve Devillier, who had a question about situational awareness. More specifically, Steve asked a really good question about how…

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How to Develop Situational Awareness-Mind4Survival

M4S054: How to Develop Situational Awareness

By Brian Duff | June 7, 2018

One of the things I hear many people struggling with is their situational awareness. Well, now, for people like us who are into preparedness, we all know that there is little room for failure when it comes to situational awareness. So, in this post, I’m going to work on helping all of us improve our…

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