Learn important tips to avoid online shopping scams

M4S 081: Safe Online Shopping Tips to Avoid Scams

    These safe online shopping tips can help you to avoid scams. Online shopping frauds are becoming more and more common. Imagine how you’d feel if you bought something on the internet, only to…

Calculate how much water you will need each day to survive

M4S 080: Calculating Your Daily Water Consumption Needs

Today’s question about daily water consumption comes to us from Jason in VA.  Jason writes: Hi Brian, I listened to the Water Storage podcast yesterday. It was really good. I wanted to get your opinion…

What does safety third mean? It means your safety should be your priority.

M4S 078: What Does Safety Third Mean?

What would you say if I asked you, “What does safety third mean?” After all, shouldn’t it be the number one thing for all of us? The answer to those questions and the safety third…

Don't overlook long term water storage!

M4S 077: Long Term Water Storage for Emergencies

Long term water storage isn’t a glamorous topic. It’s sure not as interesting as debates on gun calibers and freeze-dried foods. But long term water storage should actually be one of your number one preparedness…

Common items invented during World War 1

M4S 074: Inventions of World War 1 That Influenced the World

  Have you ever looked at an item that you use almost daily and wondered about its history? It turns out, a lot of things we use every day were inventions of World War 1. …

Ways people have prepped throughout history

M4S 073: The History of Disaster Prepping

Disaster prepping is nothing new. Did you know that disaster prepping and getting ready for potential hard times dates back to the beginning of human history? Disaster Prepping from Ancient Times to 1900 All we…

Basic areas to focus on for realistic preppers

M4S 071: The Fundamentals of Realistic Prepping

Do you ever get frustrated trying to explain the fundamentals of preparedness to people? Shows like Doomsday Preppers have done us a bit of a disservice because it shows the extremes, rather than realistic prepping…

How To Conduct a Risk Assessment and Manage Identified Risks

M4S 070: What Are Your Personal Risk Assessment Components?

Often one of the first steps to becoming more safe and secure includes performing an evaluation of your risk assessment components, which consists of assessing both your home and personal risk. This sets the stage…

Generic mugshot of a criminal mind

M4S 069: How to Get Inside a Criminal Mind to Stop a Bad Guy

  The reality is that once you begin thinking with a criminal mind, you’ll be better prepared to stop a bad guy. The lesson of thinking like a criminal took hold with me during my…

What is a home invasion? Our definition may be different than you think!

M4S 068: What Is a Home Invasion?

To best understand how to prevent them, you need to answer the question, “What IS a home invasion?” Understanding the home invasion process can help you to improve your strategies for preventing them. Home invasions…

Are preppers crazy is a question the prepping community often brings upon itself.

M4S 067: Are Preppers Crazy? How to Overcome the Stereotype

What often stops people from taking preparedness seriously is the question, “Are preppers crazy?” It’s that very question that also drives people within the preparedness community nuts.  After all, especially with 2020 in the review…

Tips for preparing for a hurricane

M4S 066: Hurricane Preparedness Tips to Survive the Storm

With hurricane season headed our way, I wanted to share some hurricane preparedness tips to help you get ready ahead of time. Many of these tips apply to any severe storm. We see the same…

Tips for managing stress or helping others cope

M4S 064: Coping and Managing Stress with PTSD

Coping and managing stress can be difficult during normal times. During a disaster or another stressful situation, the difficulty is even greater. And if one of the people dealing with the situation has PTSD, the…

Well prepared hikers can minimize risks

M4S 063: Six Safe Hiking Tips to Enjoy the Outdoors More

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, these safe hiking tips can help you enjoy it more. Do you know that, according to the CDC, the third most common source of injury in…

Everything you need to know about how do avoid being scammed over the phone

M4S 060: How Do Phone Scams Work? Avoid Becoming a Victim

I want to start this post, How Do Phone Scams Work? Avoid Becoming a Victim, off with a little trivia. So, here’s your question, “What costs 1 out of every 10 American adults an average…

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