☢️ Own a Nuclear Missile Silo! with Matthew Fulkerson

Brian Duff and Matthew Fulkerson in a Nuclear Missile Silo control room
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I talk with Matthew Fulkerson, owner of an Atlas F nuclear missile silo, and founder of Atlas AD Astra – an adventure resort and educational center for space habitat studies. Matthew shares his journey from stumbling upon an abandoned missile silo as a child to transforming a decommissioned site into a unique Airbnb and educational center focused on space survival.

The Transformation Journey

The episode takes us through Matthew’s adventure of acquiring and renovating the missile silo while highlighting the importance of preparedness—a theme often mocked until necessity proves otherwise. The conversation delves into the history of these Cold War relics, discusses the potential for future space habitats, and considers their relevance to modern-day resilience.

Links to Matthew’s Site and Social Media

Insights into Missile Silo Ownership

Matthew also offers insights for those interested in venturing into missile silo ownership and discusses the challenges associated with these massive projects. He shares his experience with the financial aspects of refurbishing his silo, including support from Airbnb and his ongoing fundraising efforts toward completing his vision.

Engaging Topics for Preparedness-Minded Listeners

Listeners interested in space, survival, historical renovation, or unique accommodations will find this episode especially engaging. In a special offer, Matthew extends a 10% discount for those who mention hearing him on Mind4Survival.

The Bottom Line of this Episode

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in preparedness, space exploration, or transforming historical sites into modern marvels. To support Matthew’s project or plan your visit to his silo, head to atlasadastra.com for an out-of-this-world adventure.

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☢️ Own a Nuclear Missile Silo! with Matthew Fulkerson

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