Let me ask you, have you or anyone you know tried to think of 5 ways to make quick money for your preparedness? After all, our beans, bullets, and bandages cost money. Well, today, we’re going to go over 5 Ways to Make Quick Money.



for us, we have our guest from last week, Todd Sepulveda back to help us find ways to make some extra preparedness dollars. If you listened to last week’s episode, which you can subscribe to on iTunes and find at mind4Survival.com/49, you’ll know that Todd has a passion for helping people find ways to become better prepared. In case you’re new to prepping and don’t know, Todd is the founder of and host of the wildly successful ThePrepperWebsite.com and ThePrepperWebsitePodcast.com and brings a lot to the table when it comes to preparedness.

Now, in this episode, we’re going to cover 5 Ways to Make Quick Money. These are things that you can do on the side to help increase your preparedness budget because as we all know, prepping ain’t easy, nor is it always cheap.

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In this episode on Ways to Make Quick Money:

  1. Sell Something
  2. Have a Car Wash
  3. Walk the Neighborhood for Lawn Work
  4. Internet Related
  5. Run Errands for Others

Sell Something

    1. Garage Sale

    2. Craigslist

    3. Facebook Marketplace

    4. Pawn Shops

Have a Car Wash

    1. Ask a fast food restaurant or some other businesses with a corner spot for permission to use some space

    2. Be honest and let the manager know that you are raising money to pay down debt.

Walk the Neighborhood for Lawn Work

    1. Mow Grass

    2. Rake Leaves

    3. Trim Bushes

    4. Trim Trees

Internet Related

    1. Virtual Assistant

    2. Transcribing

    3. Writing Articles for Pay

Run Errands for Others

    1. TaskRabbit.com

    2. Uber

    3. Doordash

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