Reducing Food Waste

How to reduce your food waste

Did you know that September 29 is the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste? In the U.S., nearly 40% of the food produced is wasted! This is a far cry from the “Waste not, want not” mentality of our forefathers, and as many of us talk about wanting to return to founding…

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Elon’s ‘Everything App’: Friend or Foe?

Information regarding Elon Musk's idea for an Everything App

By now, we’ve all noticed that Twitter changed its name to X.  But do you know why Elon made the change? He bought Twitter intending to turn it into the American “everything app,” Now that he’s moving forward with this plan, he felt like changing the name would reflect the changing nature of X. Within…

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Disaster Pregnancy Preps

SHTF Pregnancy Preps

In a perfect world, every baby would be born to parents with a full range of birthing options. Babies would come predictably enough that parents could simply plan on getting to their obstetric care provider in time without worrying about any other pregnancy preps. But we don’t live in a perfect world. Babies have never…

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Water Storage: It’s Not Just for TEOTWAWKI

Water Storage: It's Not Just for TEOTWAWKI

When people think about stockpiling water for SHTF situations, they might envision a dramatic event like an enemy attack or major societal breakdown. And while these are real possibilities, we’re far more likely to encounter mundane household mini-disasters. When we do, we find our preps come in handy for these, too.  A Little Background When…

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Will Gas Generators Be Banned? Here’s What To Know

Future sales of gas generators may be banned in certain areas

A few months ago, we wrote about the coming ban on gas stoves. After voter uproar, a bill was passed in June prohibiting the federal government from banning gas stoves. However, cities and states can still restrict them through a combination of bans and code requirements that will effectively end their usage. Despite the controversy surrounding…

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Solar Modification: Why They’re Coming for Our Sunshine

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Mr. Burns wants to block out the sun? Apparently, Congress does because they just requested a report by the White House that calls for funding and research into various geoengineering projects. Congress wants to combat global warming by cooling the Earth. These proposed projects have the potential to…

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DIY: Rendering Fat at Home

How to render animal fat at home

The pace of food inflation is leveling off, but prices remain high. Increasing numbers of Americans buying food at dollar stores is not a promising scenario. Unless your income is rising faster than your expenses, you’re probably thinking about what you can do to bring your household expenditures down.   We talk a lot about…

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Homeschooling as a Public School Alternative

Could homeschooling be right for your family?

School’s out! Most children are probably ready to shut their brains off for the summer, but as parents, we’re always thinking about what comes next, and maybe you’re thinking about making the switch to homeschooling. I have been homeschooling for over a decade. While homeschooling was on the rise even before the Covid-associated school closings,…

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Seed Saving: The Prepper’s Primer

A primer on seed saving

Have you become a competent gardener? Are you looking to up your sustainability game? A lot of pieces go into developing an independent food supply, and while very few people in the United States will probably achieve total food independence, a lot of us gardeners are always thinking about what we can do next. If…

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Natural Gas Bans: Coming to a City Near You

Remember when people thought that the government banning gas stoves was a conspiracy theory? Well, like they say, the difference between a conspiracy theory and news is about six months. And sure enough, the state of New York has indeed banned gas stoves. New residential construction will no longer permit gas stoves, furnaces, and propane…

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