Grid Down Fire Safety Considerations

Mind4Survival explores grid-don fire safety

It all started with a single flame. But by the time it was all said and done, Chicago was a layer of ash. From October 8 till October 10, 1871, Chicago was on fire. When the last flames were finally extinguished, 300 died, and over $200 million in damage occurred. You may wonder how this…

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What Are the Fire-Starting Tools Preppers Forget About?

Mind4Survival explores overlooked fire starting tools

Let’s be honest. Being able to consistently start a fire in a minimal amount of time is likely to be the most challenging bushcraft skill a prepper has to master. If you’ve ever experimented with various methods of making fire, you know this to be true. It always seems as if the wood is too…

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SHTF Uses for Lemon Juice

The more you know, the less you need. This particular adage is of great importance to the prepper as it can keep you from turning your home or bug-out bag into an environment worthy of the show Hoarders. If you know how to squeeze the maximum usefulness out of everything around you, you’ll have boosted…

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The Importance of Camping

Camping is a great way to practice survival skills

What is the one activity that best prepares you for any survival situation? I think that the answer is camping. If you are getting involved in anything survival-related, this is the one task that I believe gives you the most value out of the time invested. This is why. For Starters, Camping Teaches You How…

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How Do You Contain an Artificial Intelligence?

How long until artificial intelligence is too smart for its own good?

Virtually all artificial intelligence theorists agree: it’s only a matter of time until a superintelligent, sentient AI is created. That may not seem like a huge issue, but as Nick Bostrom has laid out in his book Superintelligence, there are several inherent dangers with this potentiality. What if it’s an evil AI? Will AI decide…

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146: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Police drone flying

When people think of the term ‘artificial intelligence,’ or AI, they tend to get stuck on the notion of a super-human robot akin to what we see in Will Smith’s I, Robot. But, the fact is that artificial intelligence is already all around you. There is a distinct difference between superintelligence and artificial intelligence, which…

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