Robots You Are Going to See Much More Of In The Future

A Robot Thinking

The history of robotics proves that science fiction authors are never far off the mark. What makes for an exciting concept today becomes a hard reality tomorrow. While robots were primarily a theory back in the time of Alan Turing, we now live in a world where they are becoming more and more commonplace. But…

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Poor Richard’s Almanac: 200+ Years of Great Info

Ben Franklin

Few people have influenced the course of American history as Benjamin Franklin. Aside from his numerous liberty-related achievements and ingenious inventions, Franklin was also a prolific author, with his most well-known work arguably being Poor Richard’s Almanac. On December 19, 1732, Poor Richard’s Almanac was released to the American colonists, completely revolutionizing the world of…

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Compounding Problems of the Recession

Pay off debt to save money during a recession

I keep looking at the statistics the United States is witnessing on inflation at the moment, and the compounding problems of a recession are both alarming and depressing. As we sink further into what I believe are just the beginning thralls of this, I can’t help but wonder what one can do to save money…

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SKYWARN Day is Here!

SKYWARN Weather Station

They watch the skies 24/7, ensuring nothing is out of the ordinary. You may not have ever heard about them, but they are out there keeping eyes on the clouds and the rivers. These are the SKYWARN spotters, a series of American citizens scattered across the nation who use their radios, interests, and time to…

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Transhumanism: Wearing a Robot


Transhumanism? Famed transhumanist Ray Kurzweil has repeatedly written about the incoming Singularity – the time at which man and machine meld, to the point where some believe it will be difficult to distinguish between what is human and what is a machine. Kurzweil looks forward to this day, as do all other transhumanists, all of…

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If You Had to Choose, Would It Be Peanut Butter or SPAM?

SPAM vs Peanut Butter

As you strive to build up your food storage system, you’ll realize that you need to focus more on protein and fat. While just about every prepper on the planet has a mountain of rice, wheat berries, and oats stowed away, protein and fat seem to be where we find ourselves holding the short end…

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5 Times Robots Threatened and Hurt People

Robot with machine gun

One of the most overlooked potential threats to humankind is that of a malevolent AI placed in a position where it can cause harm to a human being. The AI doesn’t even have to be placed there. It may very well find its way to that position itself. It may seek it out. The problem…

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CRISPR Technology: What Preppers Need to Know


A prepper must stay abreast of the current technology in the world lest he falls behind and not realize some of the potential threats out there. Knowledge is power, and if you don’t know the hazards, you also don’t know the possible solutions. Likewise, if you don’t know a bit about the technologies available, you…

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What Does the Russian Mobilization Foreshadow? 

What does the Russian mobilization foreshadow?

For the most part, modern Western military theory is primarily based on Karl von Clausewitz’s War, Politics, and Power. This is one of the seminal works that anybody going through West Point or some other military college will have to have a handle on before they graduate from college and move on to being a…

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What Would a Dam Failure Look Like?

Flood approaching woman

It took a massive effort unlike anything like it before, but by 1935, the Hoover Dam had been completed. Just a few days after the dam was given its grand opening ceremony, one of its chief purposes began as well: it began to generate electricity. For those who have stood atop the megalith that is…

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