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It’s been quite a year, and we’ve all faced interesting challenges. As we wrap up 2023, I hope you and your loved ones are in good health and high spirits and are ready to tackle whatever 2024 throws our way. This episode is a reset of sorts and covers what to expect from the Mind4Survival show in 2024. 

Before we dive into the exciting plans for Mind4Survival in 2024, I want to highlight the significance of our favorite topics: mindset and perspective. So, let’s embark on this journey and discover what 2024 holds for us.

Mindset and Perspective: The Foundations of Readiness and Resilience

Let’s start by diving into a topic close to my heart and essential for anyone on the path to readiness and resilience—Mindset and Perspective. These two factors are the bedrock upon which all our preparedness efforts stand.

The Significance of Mindset

Mindset serves as the starting point for our approach to life’s challenges. It’s not merely our momentary thoughts but the culmination of our biases, beliefs, and fears that influence how we perceive and interpret the world around us. It defines whether we face life effectively and with optimism or by viewing it through a lens of despair.

At its core, mindset is the unwavering belief that we can continually improve ourselves, fostering the grit and determination required for effective resilience and self-reliance. In the realm of preparedness, mindset takes the top spot among all fundamentals. It shapes our relationship with reality, dictating how much our perspective molds our understanding of and interactions with the world.

In a nutshell, everything we believe and do stems from our mindset.

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The Importance of Perspective

Our perspective reflects our worldviews, convictions, and emotional responses. It’s a direct product of our perceptions, which, in turn, stem from our thought processes. Simply put, the way we think shapes what we think.

Why is perspective crucial? It’s vital because the more our perspectives align with objective reality, the better our decisions and subsequent actions will be. If our perceptions are skewed, our view of reality will also be. Misaligned perspectives can lead to overconfidence (The Dunning-Kruger Effect), unrealistic optimism (Normalcy Bias), and confirmation bias, where we seek information that supports our beliefs rather than challenging them.

To bridge the gap between perspective and reality, we must actively seek out new experiences and the opinions of others, not to find agreement but to gain insight into their reasoning. This ongoing process helps refine our perspectives over time, resulting in better decision-making and actions—qualities paramount in the world of self-reliance.

Navigating Turbulent Times

Now, why am I emphasizing this topic? Well, as we approach the 2024 election year in the U.S. and contend with various ongoing dramas, it’s vital to maintain a positive mindset and a sharp perspective.

The constant barrage of corporate media and political upheaval can put our mindsets to the test, leading to increased anxiety, concern, and overwhelm. We mustn’t allow these challenges to consume us because life is meant to be lived positively, not in a state of frustration, fear, or worse.

To successfully navigate these turbulent waters, we must align our perspective with reality. In a world already filled with chaos, we shouldn’t contribute to the drama by embracing bad information, unreliable sources, and unnecessary sensationalism.

In essence, the key to living our best lives, even during tough times, lies in maintaining a positive mindset and keeping our perspective grounded in reality. By doing so, we can face the uncertainties of the future with strength, resilience, and the ability to make accurate, informed, and effective decisions.

Understanding My Perspective

Before we dive into what lies ahead for Mind4Survival in 2024, it’s important for you to understand where my perspectives stem from and the experiences that have shaped them. 

The OODA Loop and Perspective

As we discussed the importance of perspective earlier, it’s essential to note that what you’re doing right now—seeking to understand my perspective—is a critical part of the Orient phase in the OODA Loop, which stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. By familiarizing yourself with my perspective, you’re priming your situational awareness to better interpret the information you receive here. This preparation is critical to making well-informed decisions and taking actions (or not) appropriate to your unique situation.

My Background

Now, let’s reset the stage for those new to the Mind4Survival and get to know me better. That’s important because understanding my background may shed light on why I hold the beliefs I do, helping you make informed decisions about how you want to incorporate this information into building your perspective on preparedness and self-reliance.

My History

I come from a rather unique background. I am the product of two CIA officers stationed in South East Asia during the tumultuous 1960s. However, due to the circumstances at the time, I was put up for adoption. Fortunately, a loving working-class couple from Northeast Los Angeles adopted me when I was about a month old, and I grew up as an outdoorsy, sports-playing Southern California surfer kid.

While my father was amazing, my mother had a volatile temper. As a result, I learned early to adapt and prepare for her unpredictable nature. This early experience taught me the importance of being prepared, a skill that would serve me well in the future.

My Journey

In my teenage years, I worked as a lifeguard, a role that suited my safety-conscious nature and passion for helping those in need. In my early adulthood, I transitioned into the world of firefighting and paramedicine, fighting fires and responding to countless medical emergencies.

Later, I volunteered to serve as an Army Ranger with the elite 75th Ranger Regiment. Post-9/11, I spent over a decade working with the U.S. Government in various capacities, from operating medical clinics in Afghanistan to providing high-threat protection for diplomats in Iraq and Pakistan. I even worked with a team of advisors to a rebel army in Africa and oversaw the guard force at the world’s largest embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.

After my overseas service, I took on roles as a corporate executive managing a billion-dollar international security program and as the director of a leading EMS and tactical medicine education and training organization.

Facing Challenges

While my journey has been marked by exciting adventures, it hasn’t been without its share of hardships. The pressures of corporate America, along with my struggle with post-traumatic stress (PTS), pushed me to the brink. In the end, I was faced with a choice: succumb to my PTS or embark on the challenging path of healing.

Opting for the latter, I simplified my life, confronted my pain, began working on myself, and, during the process, shared the valuable lessons I learned along the way.

A Life Shaped by Survival

My journey has taken me through countless trials and tribulations. I’ve been shot at, bombed, stabbed, fallen from a helicopter, dodged African militias, nearly drowned, and was hit by LAPD nightsticks. I’ve spent over 2,000 days on the ground in Iraq, boxed in Thailand, and survived my most brutal battle—my fight against post-traumatic stress.

In hindsight, I realize that much of my adult life has revolved around protecting others as a way to protect myself. Through my many close calls and lucky mistakes, I learned from some of the best and survived some of the worst. All tolled though—these experiences have forged the “Mind4Survival” mindset I now share with you.

What’s in Store for Mind4Survival in 2024?

2024 with confetti

As we look ahead to 2024, exciting changes are on the horizon for the Mind4Survival podcast and website. Let’s explore what’s in store:

 1. Expanding the Team

One significant development is the expansion of the Mind4Survival podcast team. We now have a dedicated producer working tirelessly to enhance the show’s quality and content. This expansion allows us to increase episode duration, introduce more guest experts, and provide you with even more valuable content. The aim is to offer you a podcast experience beyond what a one-person operation could achieve.

2. Embracing Other Perspectives

Opening the aperture of the show means that, while maintaining a focus on preparedness, resilience, and self-reliance, our guests and I will have greater freedom to express our perspectives. This expanded aperture may involve discussing topics that stir debate, including politics, to present varying viewpoints for your consideration. The goal is not to push an agenda but to foster discussions that help refine our perspectives.

3. Commitment to Consistency

Consistency has been a challenge, but with our expanded team, you can expect weekly podcast episodes. Additionally, these episodes will be longer, allowing for more in-depth explorations of crucial topics and the sharing of diverse perspectives.

4. Video Content

In a new development, all podcast episodes are being recorded in video. These videos and clips from each episode will be available on the Mind4Survival YouTube and Rumble channels. Therefore, remember to subscribe and hit the bell icon for notifications to stay updated with our video content. We’ll also be active on Twitter, so follow us there for the latest updates.

5. The Mind4Survival Book

The long-awaited Mind4Survival book is on the horizon. While unforeseen challenges with the publisher caused delays, we’re back on track. The book will be released within the next six months. If you haven’t already, head to Mind4Survival.com/book and sign up for notifications. This book promises to be a unique addition to the self-reliance niche, offering valuable insights and guidance that you won’t get in other places.

6. Free Resource Library

Lastly, we’re excited to introduce a free resource library of downloadable PDFs. This library currently features over 40 free PDFs covering various preparedness topics, from manuals on Weapons of Mass Destruction to government reports on EMPs, medical resources, shelter information, intelligence, and more. To access these free resources, head to Mind4Survival.com/freelibrary and sign up for access.

The Bottom Line on 2024

And there you have it! 2024 is set to be a transformative year for Mind4Survival, with an expanded team, increased content, video episodes, a forthcoming book, and a wealth of free downloadable resources. We’re dedicated to providing the tools and knowledge you need to thrive in your preparedness, self-reliance, and resilience. 

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!


Stay safe,

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Mind4Survival Show Update (What\'s Coming in 2024)


  1. Bill on December 30, 2023 at 6:52 pm

    Glad to hear that the podcasts are now online! Great!!!! Sounds like 2024 will be an awesome year. Good luck!

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