How to Help Non-Preppers to Prepare

The Mind4Survival podcast on convincing someone to prep

How you ever wondered what you can do about helping non-preppers  to prepare? We are living in unprecedented times. We are watching events unfold, both small and large. We should do anything we can to pick up our attitudes and make sure we feel more confident and safe. Many of us have folks in our…

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Complex Disasters

The Mind4Survival podcast explores complex disasters and their repercussions

What is normalcy bias? We all suffer from it. It’s part of human nature. Normalcy bias is a psychological state in which we think things will continue to be the way they have always have. They’ll stay normal. And it’s what makes seeing the impending complex disaster so difficult. What Exactly IS a Complex Disaster?…

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Mindset Monday: Bad Tech & Hard Times

Bad Tech and Hard Times

More and more, bad tech and hard times seem to be going hand in hand. In recent weeks, cybersecurity has been headlined in the news. Hackers, especially Russian hackers, have become a concern for America’s critical infrastructure. Our banking system, our electrical grid, our water system… we are a vulnerable country. The government has issued…

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130: We Fight Monsters with Michael Kurcina

Mind4Survival podcast episode #130 featuring special guest Michael Kurcina

In this episode, Brian talks with Michael Kurcina, host of the We Fight Monsters Podcast and YouTube channel and founder of Mike shares advice from personal stories and experiences that have changed the course and quality of his life. Who is Michael Kurcina? Mike is a former Marine and security specialist and is very…

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Surveillance and Counter Surveillance w/ Tristan Flannery

Podcast episode featuring Tristan Flannery about surveillance and counter-surveillance

What comes to mind when you hear the words surveillance and counter-surveillance? It may be images from TV and movies of spies following suspects, or a lurker across the street following the unsuspecting lady, or the guy watching from the booth in the corner of the diner. But what is real surveillance? And how can…

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Brian Talks with Changing Earth Author Sara Hathaway

Join me for a conversation on preparedness with author and podcast host, Sara Hathaway

Have you had experiences that put you in a position to use your preps? What if you had to live only on the food and water you have right now? How quickly could you evacuate your home? Have you gone without electricity or heat for an extended period of time? As preppers, most of us…

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What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (My PTSD Battle)

Brian Duff discusses PTSD on the Mind4Survival podcast

As preppers or as preparedness-minded people, we are readying ourselves for the worst SHTF scenarios. We pack our bug-out bags, and we stock our pantries. We collect our guns and knives, and first-aid supplies. Some of us exercise so that we can outrun the zombie hordes. We think about how to secure our homes or…

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Facing Death with Glen Tate & Shelby Gallagher

Podcast interview with Glen Tate and Shelby Gallagher about facing death and the will to live.

By now, we all know someone who has had COVID. Most of us know someone who has been extremely sick and facing death or has passed away from it. In this episode, Brian talks with a man who had COVID, was hospitalized and on a ventilator, came to terms with his imminent death, and still…

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