The Top 10 Prepper Skills to PRACTICE Before You Need Them

Here are the prepper skills you need to know before SHTF

Lots of people talk about the skills they plan to use when an emergency strikes. But what they don’t think about is that some skills are perishable and some require experience if you want to be truly competent. Today I want to talk about the top 10 prepper skills that should be practiced well before…

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12 Barter Skills for Preppers

Bartering skills will be very important when SHTF

We’ve talked about items to store for trade when the SHTF, but only briefly touched on important barter skills. The great thing about using our skills as currency is that we have a never-ending ability to continue making transactions. What Kind of Barter Skills Are Worthwhile? Many different skills can be used for barter but…

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7 Ways to Cook Off-Grid

Seven ways to cook off-grid

What will you do about preparing food when the power goes out? It’s well and good to have prepper supplies stashed away, but unless you have a way to fix them, the biggest stockpile in the world won’t do you much good. Having multiple ways to cook off-grid will elevate your level of preparedness. Have…

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National Bean Day: Celebrate with These 5 Great Bean Recipes

Table of beans for National Bean Day

If ever there was a holiday that had “prepper” written all over it, it’s National Bean Day. Designated as January 6, it’s because of scientific advances in bean growing by Gregor Mendel that it’s held on the anniversary of his death. reports: That’s the same day as the famous geneticist, Gregor Mendel, died in…

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7 Awesome Prepper Gifts for Christmas 2023

Awesome Christmas Prepper Gifts

Are you looking for some awesome prepper gifts for a special someone in your life? Do you want something other than a junky pre-made survival kit or bland emergency food supplies? If so, then these gift ideas may be just what you and your loved one need for your survival situations. Don’t wait! Dive in…

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Homemade Prepper Gifts for the Non-Prepper in Your Life

Homemade prepper gifts for the non-preppers in your life

Do you want to give a unique and valuable present to someone you love, but they’re amongst the ranks of non-preppers? What about making them homemade prepper gifts to get them on the road to preparedness subtly? It’s no secret that many folks think preppers are crazy, and those folks are difficult to convince otherwise.…

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21+ Best Winter Safety Tips For Cold Weather Survival

Mind4Survival explores winter tips for preppers

Winter is a beautiful time of year, but it can also be deadly if you’re not prepared. Every year, hundreds of people die from hypothermia, frostbite, and other cold-related injuries. Don’t let yourself be one of them! Follow these 21+ best winter safety tips, and you’ll be able to enjoy the cold weather without putting…

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Why Do I Need a Safe Room?

A safe room is an excellent way to protect you and your family

What comes to mind when you hear the phrases “safe room” or “panic room”? You may think of wealthy billionaires who are at risk for heists and ransom kidnappings. You may wonder, “Why do I need a safe room? I’m nobody special.” The truth is, safe rooms are not just the domain of the rich…

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Sometimes You Just Need to Turn the News Off

Turn the news off when it becomes stressful

With the advent of the internet, we’re hit with a constant barrage of “news” and “information.” Sometimes it’s true, and sometimes it’s not. And sometimes, you just need to turn the news off. Don’t get me wrong. Staying informed is incredibly important. But lately, it seems like a lot of things have gone way past…

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Active Shooter Response: What Should I Do?

Mind4Survival explores active shooter response tips

Shootings in crowded public places are on the rise. It seems like every other day, we hear about somebody opening fire in a shopping mall, school, or store. Have you thought about your active shooter response? What would you do if you were out and you heard shots ring out? If you have already thought…

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