Prepper Medical Supplies: OTC Meds

To be ready for any type of emergency, whether it's hunkering down, bugging out, or the common cold, you should keep these prepper OTC meds on hand.

To be ready for any emergency, whether it’s hunkering down, bugging out, or the dreaded common cold, you should keep a supply of prepper OTC meds on hand. One surefire way to make a bad situation worse is feeling under the weather, so having supplies to treat the symptoms of common ailments will make things…

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Heating with Wood: Emergency Home Heating for Beginners

Heating your home with wood takes more effort and knowledge than you may realize

So, you plan on heating with wood as a backup to your oil furnace, electric heat, pellet stove, or another primary heating method? Maybe you’ve just moved into a home with a wood-burning fireplace or wood stove. Perhaps you are installing a wood-burning stove in your existing home. Either way, bring on the blizzard because you’re going…

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Natural Disaster Food: Eat Healthy During an Emergency

Make better choices with natural disaster food instead of highly processed food to eat healthier during an emergency.

Many people have special diets and have an interest in natural disaster food. If that’s you, and you usually eat a healthy diet, you probably look at most emergency food and shudder at the number of unpronounceable ingredients. The truth is, you can choose natural foods for disaster preparedness instead of highly processed canned or…

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10 Skills Female Preppers Should Have That Aren’t About Food

Here are ten survival skills all female preppers should know

The niches of prepping and survival sometimes seem like a man’s world, what with all the guns, camo, and armchair warriors that proliferate in comments sections and forums. But you might be surprised to find out that recent demographics show that female preppers make up one-third of those who identify as prepared, and that number…

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Sanitizing Water Containers: Here’s How to Do It

How to sanitize water containers for long term storage

Your stored water is only as clean and pure as the container holding it. To make sure your supply is safe to drink, sanitizing water containers before filling them is essential. There are a few different ways to sanitize your containers, depending on the material they are made from. Be sure to sanitize the lids…

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2 Weeks of Food: How to Start a Stockpile for New Preppers

Putting back 2 weeks of food is a great start for a new prepper's stockpile.

When you first start prepping, you probably hear people talking about their “one-year food supply” and “long-term food vs. short-term food.” It can all feel pretty overwhelming and can be difficult to know where to start. The very best way is to start small and simple with a supply of 2 weeks of food. Now,…

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How to Store Emergency Food for the Longest Shelf Life

How to store emergency food for the long-term

So you’ve done it. You’ve stocked up on all sorts of food and built your prepper stockpile. You’re officially “prepped.” You’re done, right? Not so fast – you need to know how to store emergency food so that you get the longest shelf life possible. Ask any prepper who has opened a package of flour…

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What Should Preppers Have in Their Winter Emergency Kit?

Here are the things to consider for your winter emergency kit

The wind is howling, the snow is blowing, the weather is frigid, and suddenly, the power goes out. But it’s okay. Your winter emergency kit prepares you for whatever Mother Nature brings you. We’ve gone over the basics for preparedness but cold-weather emergencies require a few additional considerations. That’s why, if you live in a…

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Is It Time to Bug Out? How to Know When to Go

Ask yourself these questions to decide if it is time to bug out

We’ve talked on this website about making the decision whether to Get Out Of Dodge or hunker down at home, but one vital question remains. Is it time to bug out? How do you know when to go? If you go too soon, you may have left for no reason, causing yourself undue expenses, missed…

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What’s the Best Weapon for Prepper Home Defense?

What's the best weapon for prepper home defense?

A topic that is up for constant debate in the preparedness world is, “What is the best weapon for prepper home defense?” Ask it a hundred times, and you’re likely to get a hundred different answers. There’s a perfect reason for the lack of consensus: there isn’t just “one best weapon.” Prepper home defense is…

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