Mind4Survival-Preparedness DistractionsDo you suffer from preparedness distractions? Whoa, wait, what do I mean, preparedness distractions?

Do you not have enough time in the day to make significant progress in your preparations?


You’re Not Alone

If you do suffer from preparedness distractions, don’t worry, you have the same frustration that many other preppers have. I too have those very same frustrations.


Limited Time

If you’re like me, you’re trying to stuff 100-pounds of preps into a 10-pound prepping sack. Unfortunately, most of us lead busy lives.

Our day jobs, family, and trying to have a life all assault the time we have for our preparedness efforts.

Why is that? It’s because preparation takes time, dedication and doesn’t happen overnight.

So, the answer to increased time to improve our preparedness is reducing our distractions.


Necessary Preparedness Distractions

Obviously, some of those preparedness distractions are needed. Work, family, etc., are all essential preparedness distractions.

Perhaps they shouldn’t be called distractions, but in a sense, they are.

They are because they reduce the amount of time you have to focus on preparedness.


Unnecessary Preparedness Distractions

Alright, so we know what necessary distractions are. But, what are unnecessary distractions?

Unnecessary distractions are those things that occupy your time but do not help you realize your goals.

Let me be clear; unnecessary preparedness distractions don’t just impact your preparation.

They impact everything that needs to be done and impede your ability to achieve all of your personal goals.


#1 Unnecessary Preparedness Distraction – Television

The number one unnecessary preparedness distraction is the tv! More specifically, the twenty-four hours per day news cycle.

As preppers, most of us are very passionate about things. Because of that passion, we (I know I can) get sucked into the television.

I know, how do you get around it?

Obviously, we all enjoy disconnecting and getting lost in a show from time to time.

However, if you’re like me and television was your form of crack, the answer is simple. Cut it out entirely and go cold turkey on tv.

Is it easy? No, not at first.

After a while though, you’ll realize that you don’t miss it much and the extra time you have is incredible.

The amount of progress you can make on a daily basis is unbelievable once you break the addiction.

One way to crush the habit is to downgrade to just having the internet. With only internet, you’ll still be able to download a show to help get your fix.

Without news and other addictive programs though, you'll find you have a ton more time each day. That time can be spent prepping, reading, learning new skills, etc.

Life without television is excellent!


#2 Unnecessary Preparedness Distraction – Politics

The second most unnecessary preparedness distraction is politics.

As preppers, right, left, or in the middle, we tend to be very passionate about politics.

That passion leads us to watch gobs of news, reading endless news sources, and getting into long debates online.

Just stop!

Focusing on politics for hours each day may be overkill and may be a waste of your time.  That is not saying you don’t need to be informed.

What it is saying is that you need to limit that amount of time you spend getting fired up by commentators.

The press does not push out the news anymore. It pushes out reporter sound bites and editorial opinions.

Therefore, if you follow any of the mainstream news sources, you are basing your opinions on other people’s views. What sense does that make?

Also, in the end, should you find yourself in a disaster, or major event, do the politics of the situation matter?

For example, assume that you’re in a hurricane, the dam has broken, and you’re floating down the river.  Does the politics of why it all happened matter? Or, is saving your life all that matters?

If you want the news, find a few websites that provide truthful articles and go from there.

Then, go to those sites, read fact-based articles and draw your conclusions and opinions.


#3 Unnecessary Preparedness Distraction – Conspiracy Theories

The third most significant preparedness distraction is conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories can be some of the most significant time sucks within the prepping community.

Seriously, first off, usually no one knows if they are right. After all, it’s not hard to get people to buy into a conspiracy when there is no evidence one way, or the other. Without evidence to disapprove a theory, some believe it must be true.

Heck, some people still believe the earth is flat. Even when presented evidence to the otherwise, they state that the evidence is all part of the conspiracy.

Ultimately, all the time spent researching the conspiracy, listening to others talk about it, etc. does not matter.  In short, the plot itself does not matter.

“Brian, what, are you crazy!? Of course, the conspiracy matters!”

Why? Why does the conspiracy matter?

Even if the conspiracy is real, is there anything you can do about it? Would you prepare any differently?

For example, I couldn’t care less if the earth was being taken over by the Illuminati.

Why not? Because what can I do about it? When preparing, I plan for the worst and in doing so, know I’m ready for almost everything.

The reason why an event happens, or who is pulling strings doesn’t matter.

Plan for the worst, and you’ll be ready regardless of the Illuminati, Captain K, etc.


The End

In the end, time management and your preparedness are up to you.

If you spend more time prepping, you’ll be farther ahead than if you spend the time glued to the T.V., sucked into the news, or inundated with conspiracy theories.

The choice is yours.



Never forget, you’re just one prep away.

If you have any other thoughts or questions about the three greatest preparedness distractions, please leave a comment below.

Stay safe, secure and prepared,



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Post Note:

Brian D. Hawkins brought up a good point in the Mind4Survival Facebook Group. He mentioned how so many lives are distracted by smartphones and social media.  It is an excellent point for us all to consider when we find ourselves lost in the Internet, or buried up to our neck in our smartphones.


  1. Chip Feck on August 22, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    Good reminder Brian. Thanks.

    • Brian Duff on August 22, 2017 at 5:29 pm

      Chip, thanks for the feedback. It’s much appreciated. Best of luck with all of your preparedness!

  2. Cindy Johnson on August 22, 2017 at 5:19 pm

    I did exactly that with the TV. (Albeit being a full-time student had a lot to do with it). It is a huge distractor that keeps us from moving. And guess what? Cutting back on the electronics helped me get more done, AND I am calmer, sleep better. #goingbacktothebasics
    Cindy J

    • Brian Duff on August 22, 2017 at 5:28 pm

      That’s awesome Cindy! I hope more people follow your lead and unplug from the tv, so they can plug into efficiency and productivity!

  3. MHR on September 4, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    very good article! couldn’t have said it better! I have not had TV reception for about 30 years and have never missed it!
    I get better news on the internet at some of the really good and truthful sites. I don’t get into politics or theories, so that’s not my issue with time! Just too much work! 5 jobs really keep me busy! Thanks for the good article! I will share it on face book!

    • Brian Duff on September 4, 2017 at 6:36 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Your comment means, even more, knowing that you took the time to give me feedback in between the five jobs you work. Five jobs! Holy cow, that is incredible. In a time when so many people choose not to work hard, you are an excellent example of hard work and effort that sets people like yourself apart from many others. I’m truly humbled, impressed and grateful all at the same time. Lastly, thank you for sharing my post, I truly appreciate it.

      Take care and stay safe!,

  4. Ron Durham on October 19, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    I’m new to prepping and a little overwhelmed at the need and opportunities. I have a good home base yet suffer all three distractions. I enjoy the quality info podcasts provide, but there’s a lot of exteranious talk, just to get a few valid points. I like to read and this lets me move right along.
    Great website and overall endeavor. I’m sure there’s much more info and products than I can afford; but I like it and will support it.

    • Brian Duff on October 23, 2017 at 9:46 pm

      Thanks, Ron. I appreciate that you took the time to provide feedback. RTLW! ~Brian

  5. Chris on October 26, 2017 at 10:07 am

    We have cut out the TV for awhile now and just use the internet. It has done a few things like give more time to more important issues that need to be dealt with. I strongly recommend cutting out the TV and see what you accomplish with your free time.

    • Brian Duff on October 26, 2017 at 10:30 am

      Chris, I completely agree. Removing TV from your life can lead to a much more productive life. ~Brian

  6. Peter on December 3, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    Although the biggest distraction of my life, the internet through my phone is an excellent resource for all things information.

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