Winter Prepper Tips

Winter Prepper Tips

Check out our list of winter tips for preppers


If there is snow on the ground, watch for human tracks

If there is snow on the ground, always keep an eye out for unusual tracks on your property, especially around building perimeters.


Add winter items to your bug out bag like handwarmers and beanies.

Don’t get caught in a winter storm without a way to stay warm and dry. Include things like hand warmers, beanies, gloves, and wool socks.

Keep coolers on hand for frozen items during power outages

If the power goes out during the winter, don’t let your food thaw while you try to keep your home warm. You’ll also need to watch that animals can’t get to it easily. Store it outdoors in freezing temperatures inside of study coolers.

Review winter driving tips with any young drivers

Winter driving can be scary, especially for young drivers. Review winter driving tips before the weather gets bad!


Keep some cast iron pans in case you need to cook outdoors during a power outage


Stock up on wrapping supplies at Dollar Tree

Why spend $5.99 for a fancy gift bag when you can get the same thing for one dollar at Dollar Tree? They also carry gift tags, tissue paper, wrapping paper for all occasions, gift basket cellophane, and more!

Have your chimney professionally cleaned

If the power goes out, many people will turn to fireplaces they don’t normally use to heat their homes. Sometimes, you’ll need to use less than ideal burning materials. Make sure your chimney is clean and creosote-free before you need to put that fireplace to use.

Download the What3Words app to pinpoint your location


Keep jumper cables in your vehicle, especially during winter


Keep pipes insulated if the power goes out.

Just make a slice down one side of the noodle, cut length to fit, and wrap around exposed pipes under sinks, etc.

Keep a pair of boots for every family member in the car.

The last thing you need is to break down in a snowstorm and have a car full of family members in dress shoes.

Plastic grocery bags make excellent boot liners


Never let your gas gauge fall below half full


Use heavy curtains to help trap heat inside


Tie a red bandana to your car antenna if you become stuck in a snow storm


Install battery operated carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home


Keep food and water in your car and at work

Keep 72 ours worth of food and water in your vehicle and at your job.

You can never predict when you’ll be stranded in your car or stuck at work due to a snowstorm! Have 72 hours of food and water accessible no matter where you find yourself.

If you need tires for winter, get them now!

Don't run the car in a snowstorm until you know the tailpipe is not blocked.

Stay safe!

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