Preparedness encompasses considering many aspects of your daily life and habits

What Is Preparedness? The Mind4Survival Philosophy

What is preparedness? It is almost the diametric opposite of the path of least resistance. It means thinking about the bad things that can happen and taking steps to prevent or mitigate the possibilities. Have…

Learn about the OODA Loop to increase your situational awareness

The OODA Loop Situational Awareness Philosophy

OODA Loop? Is it cheese? No, it’s not cheese. The OODA Loop situational awareness philosophy is the brainchild of Colonel John Boyd, who was a U.S. Air Force Pilot and military thinker. It stands for…

Knowing what situational awareness is can help you spot potential dangers

What is Situational Awareness? Stay Alert and Stay Alive!

What is situational awareness in terms of your day-to-day life? Have you ever noticed that some people seem to know what’s going to happen before it does?  Are they psychic?  No, most likely not.  While…

Mind4Survival-About Mind4Survival

Mind4Survival: A Site for Security, Safety, and Preparedness

Mind4Survival – A Concept Mind4Survival (M4S) began as a concept during an evening discussion in Baghdad, Iraq. Mind4Survival’s founder, Brian Duff, recognizes that crime, violence, financial uncertainty, disease, etc., impact our world and our day-to-day…

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M4S 067: Are Preppers Crazy? How to Overcome the Stereotype

Are preppers crazy is a question the prepping community often brings upon itself.
What often stops people from taking preparedness seriously is the question, "Are preppers crazy?" ...
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M4S 057: Convincing Someone to Be Prepared for Emergencies

How many of you know people who are totally opposed to preparedness? Are you ...
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The History of Survivalists and Preppers

How prepping has evolved throughout history
Getting ready for disasters or preparing for a time that is not abundant is ...
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