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Mind4Survival-About Mind4SurvivalMind4Survival – A Concept

Mind4Survival (M4S) began as a concept during an evening discussion in Baghdad, Iraq. Mind4Survival’s founder, Brian Duff, recognizes that crime, violence, financial uncertainty, disease, etc., impact our world and our day-to-day lives on an ongoing and increasing basis. Brian also recognizes that many good people in our world, through no fault of their own, may not be as prepared as they should be to overcome difficult situations when they arise.

However, because of his years of successful experience in hot spots around the globe, Brian also understands that while today’s world may seem more uncertain, we all possess the means and ability to overcome those uncertainties should they confront us. The key to that success for all of us is unlocking our inner potential to recognize, prepare for and take action to overcome the problems facing us. With that realization, Brian strives to help others unlock their inner potential so that they too may triumph over adversity.

Brian will help others through a podcast of thought-provoking interviews, regular blog posts, online courses, and any other mean possible to help others improve their Mind4Survival.


Stay safe!


Brian Duff

Brian Duff

Brian began his preparedness life after experiencing his first major earthquake at three. Since then, Brian's quest to develop his Mind4Survival has taken him around the world, where he spent decades working as a lifeguard, firefighter, paramedic, U.S. Army Ranger, high-threat diplomatic protective-security specialist, training director, international security director, and security and preparedness consultant. Brian holds a bachelor's degree in security management, a master's degree in business administration, and numerous safety, security, and preparedness certifications.

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